Puggy birthday: 1 year on Replay

A year ago on Aug 3, 2018, I started playing daily on Replay Poker. I created my account back in 2016, but hadn’t been active for most of that time, other than logging in daily to pick up the bonus chips.

I started a year ago with about 1.2M chips in my bankroll. Today, I’m at 13.3M. So over a year, I’ve averaged about 1M chips earned per month. I feel like I’m doing really well. I’ve struggled, but I’ve learned a lot about the game, and I’ve had successes that more than make up for my setbacks.

I’ve played over 60,000 hands, winning 18% of them and folding 67% of them. I’ve played in 1250 SNG and MTTs, over 33% ITM. There’s players who have more chips than me, who win more in one day, or even one hand, than I’ve won over the past year, but I feel like I’ve accomplished much in reaching 13M chips.

I’m currently ranked 1653rd on the site. It seems that every time my bankroll doubles, my rank halves.

What’s next year going to be like? I’m enjoying the game more than ever, and looking forward to finding out.


Congratulations on your progress and your incredibly high winning percentages. However if your bankroll doubles and your rank halves, than means that more than half the players are doing better than you, which seems unlikely.

It is true, though, that there is a lot of chip inflation and that RP is just printing play money by giving everyone 2500 chips a day, plus guaranteed minimum prize money in many tournaments.

My observation is that if you start from scratch and win a million or two of chips, then you rise very quickly in the rankings, but once you get into the top two thousand or so, then the next million chips does not take you much higher, because there are players with billions of chips, and hundreds of milllions of chips. So when you double your chips, you will end up higher, but maybe only 25% higher.

I might not have states this as clearly as I could. What I mean is, to get from Rank 10000 to Rank 5000, I had to double my chips. When I doubled again, I went from 5000th to 2500th. Etc. In other words, to advance in rank, it seems you need exponential chip growth to achieve linear rank progression.

Yes, you do need exponential growth to advance up the rankings. This is why it is necessary to keep moving to higher buy-in levels.

There are something like 1.4 million players registered on RP. When I started at a ranking of 1.4 million, it seemed to me that players in the top 1000 were like gods and I was just stepping up to play in 5000 chip buy-in sit’n’gos. I remember encountering an opponent who had 3 million chips, and I felt I was not worthy to play in the same game as such an elevated player!

But soon you realize that the vast majority of those players are not active, and that RP is like some kind of dating site. So you win a few tournaments and advance a bit, and suddenly you are catapulted into the dizzy heights of the top 10,000 or something like that.

But the higher you go, the more active players there are, and since there is chip inflation, all the better players are accumulating more chips just like you are. I made a net profit of just under 5 million chips today, but it hardly budged my rank at all.

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I made a net profit of just under 5 million chips today, but it hardly budged my rank at all.

Actually, it moved me up exactly 100 places.

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Here are some more exact figures.

At the present time you need approximately 24 million chips to crack the top 1000. I has an opponent today who was at 1005 and he had slightly less than 24 million.

I currently have almost exactly double that number, 48 million and change, and my current rank is 719, so apparently the next 24 million chips will only take you about 280 places higher, even though the additional chips are much harder to win as you have to play against better players.

I would imagine it would take another 24 million to get to 600.

The good thing about the geometric progression is that if you lose, you don’t go down much.

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I’m under 1600 at the moment. Had a good week.