Psychology of the Aggressive Bettor - Neutralizing Strategy

Here’s a somewhat complicated hand that looks simple but has a lot packed in there that can’t initially be seen by the casual player. So you’ve all seen it, the aggressive bettor who is tough to neutralize. Recognizing the pattern is the thing but the elite thing is to diagnose it! I start small knowing the opponent will grow it quickly. No need to increase too much. I’ve carefully noticed his betting pattern and anticipate (predict!) he will bet so just give him the leash. Then … snap! The key is to recognize and neutralize - those are your key words. Thought I played it great this time. Performance in the clutch is what matters!

Another thread about your so called “ marvelous “ play. This is getting old quick. Save these things for your book :closed_book:. Moving on …


So two things:

First thing: Your habit of stretching out your time after the river on what for anyone else would be a snap call on your opponent’s 'all in" is truly annoying. At most live tables you would quickly find yourself unwelcome - or worse. And you seem to do it a lot. Why is that?

Second thing, as with most of your insightful posts, indeed the sky is blue, water is wet, and Keanu Reeves is a totally awesome dude I wish was my neighbor because we could hang out and talk cars and stuff and I hear he makes a killer chili for Super Bowl parties. But hey - thanks for reminding us.


ditto on the waiting game, what exactly are you accomplishing?

Slow-rolling is considered one of the worst breaches of etiquette on the poker table. When calling on the river, you pause ONLY if it is truly a difficult decision. Flop the nuts and then snap-call minimum bets until the river, then wait like you’re really agonizing because the guy made an obviously incorrect shove–that is the kind of move that would get you a lot of enemies real quick.

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