Promotion & Poker Room Feedback

Hi Everyone,

My name is Shake and I am the latest addition to the Replay Poker Team. I am in charge of managing both poker room and promotions calendar. I work in online poker since 4 years now and prior to that I used to be a full time online poker player.

I come to you today to introduce myself but also to ask your opinion on the poker room as it is now and on promotions you would like to see running on Replay Poker. Any kind of feedback - negative or positive - will be very highly considered.There is no useless feedbacks so please should any you may have! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what you have in mind and start working on the directions you would like us to take.

Cheers, Shake

Hi Shake.

I love to play promotions for leaderboards and enjoyed playing the National Freeroll serie. Greetings Happiness.

Hi Shake.

I was just wondering if there could be player made tables. You could pick game/bb amount/ante/limit + potlimit etc. It would create more options to choose from and you could remove things you don’t like like chat or showing cards. On the other hand you could enable fullbet rule or other rules we are not seeing in RP atm.

Hi Separi,

It is complicated to release this feature because many players would create their own table and this would divide the players between too many tables. This is why no poker room offer it. They prioritize the ones which are the most commonly used.

Although, if we see there is an important demand on a specific kind of table. We will make sure to offer it and make it live as soon as possible.

However, a feature that I can see working is the possibility for players to create their own tables if those ones are to be private. The table host would send invitations to his friends and those tables wouldn’t be visible in the public lobby. This feature won’t be released soon though as it will ask for some developments.

Regarding the full bet rule. Would you prefer this rule to the half bet one currently offered ?

Cheers, Shake

Hello again.

It’s cool and I understand that player created tables could spawn more problems than help. But there still is serious lack options in high stakes when there is only 2 types of tables played Tasman Sea and German Reli. Tasman got 10x the blinds compared to german and no new high stakes player could play there with smart bankroll management. I guess the problem is that there isn’t enough players or something, because dutch hope or diamonds never get any players. I think private tables are exciting idea though.

I don’t think Replaypoker uses any betting rules atm. If you raise to 10 millions and someone goes all in with 10 000 001 chips, the all in makes new raise possible (so you don’t need half a pot like 5 000 000 or full pot 10 000 000 for same effect). I’m kinda used to it though and other players have said that they like it without betting rules so I don’t see a problem with it.

i think i have a great idea for tha site. why not each month put a price and 2or 3 days before all players can bet for the price, the higher chips bet won the price. in the same time maybe u can be have some sponsers, think of that n let me know. thanks you. Steve.

Hi Separi,

Please let us know if you have any feedbacks on the new ring game offering. It has been changed in the past days for small stakes and today for high stakes. Changes have been done on No Limit Hold’em so far. There will be some adjustments in Pot Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Hold’em soon as well.

Cheers, Shake

Hi Steve,

I am not sure to understand the promotion mechanisms.

Do you mean a lottery where players can bet on a number defined but not communicated by ReplayPoker ? And then the player getting the closest to the right number would win this number in poker chips ? Please confirm. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Shake


I like changes very much and hope they’ll spice up high stake games :). Thx a lot.

no, in french is * encan * example: u put a i-pad, 2 days before u open a place or room when e1s see the price. i bet 1 million chips, u bet 1,5 milllions chips, sep bet 3.4 millions chips etc… at the end its the biggest bet they won the price. u understand now? thanks you.

Hi leplomb,

You mean ‘une vente aux encheres’, In english Sale by auction, I can see some legal issues with doing this. And I don’t think it’s very fair to all players as some players already have multi millions of chips while other don’t.

Cheers, Shake

yeah u right, but maybe put 1 tournament each month with a price for the winner. example 100k buy in and the winner won the price? why not a lil different is never bad im sure lotsa jumpers will try that :slight_smile:

probably u can be sponsorised also !!