Promotion Ideas


Have an idea as I am sure many others do, here is my idea let me know what you think and would be great to here from others new ideas

Last Man Standing Deep Stack:

Tournament Structure
The Last Man Standing tournament consists of multiple games, each with a 2 hour time limit. You opt in to USA time or EUR time so 2 versions but you can only play one

Chips and Carry-Over:

Players start each game with a deep stack of chips.
At the end of the 2-hour time limit for each game, players count their remaining chips. These chips are carried over to the next game.

The player left is the last man standing if final table and the 2 hour time limit as hit then the player with the most chips wins.

Players are not eliminated from the entire tournament until all games are completed.
For each individual game, players are eliminated on;y when they run out of chips.

Rebuys and Add-Ons:
players can purchase additional chips during a specific period or after they’ve run out for that particular game. 1 Rebuy and 1 add on only allowed during the promotion - with standard rules

2 hours just an example for Deepstack depending on number of entrants would say 3 hours
but I think by incorporating deep stacks into a Last Man Standing poker competition provides a richer, more strategic, and engaging experience for the participants. It encourages players to use their poker skills to navigate through the games and adapt their strategies throughout the tournament.


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