Promo suggestion for the end of Flash

Idea - on the last day that the MTTs will run on Flash, before the final flip over to HTML5 - run a special tourney, a Goodbye to Flash sort of thing. I’m thinking 5k buy in, 9 seater, rebuys, addons, 8 min levels, slow blind escalation, all the bells and whistles, maybe a Twitch stream too, just one big shindig.

I admit to a little selfishness in this idea - it’s possible I won’t be able to transtion to HTML5 - still not sure how that will shake down - deciding to worry about it when the day comes - anyway, if that is to be my last day here - i want a party.

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I like your idea Match but shouldn’t HTML5 work in any modern browser?

The machine I use is kinda old. I can’t use a moden browser - my OS is, oh, about 8 generations old - the installer/updater tells me “no can do.” But I got a few suggestions in another thread, I’m hopeful it’ll work out. But just in case, if the bells toll for me - I want a party.

Cheers Randy, see you soon.

I feel sure there will be a solution for you…BTW, I’m down for the party!