Profit and Loss

Does anyone else find massive disparity between what they actually win and lose and what the site records?
For example, the site claims that on 13/3/17 I lost 26000…i didn’t play on that date and know I didn’t lose that amount in that week. Also I am up for the week and last month and the site claims I’m down…does anybody else get these things happening? Can anyone explain what I’m missing?


Always looks pretty accurate to me…

It may well be running on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)…so depending on the time you are playing vs when you log out could be the difference…

We’re definitely having some issues with the Profit/Loss page. It’s not happening to all players, and it’s not happening all the time, but … it’s happening. :confused: Our tech team is looking into this, but it’s tricky when it’s sporadic. We hope to have it fixed soon!