Problem with adding a picture to my profile

cant download a picture, i hit browse and nothing. first time ok, wanted to change and it wont let me.

too big ?

I cant get to browse my pictures to pick one. when i hit the browse button, nothing happens.doesnt open my files

I put up a smilee for test for you, works. I sent private message , please read it.

We’ve tested it in Chrome, Firefox and IE and it works for us. Which browser and version are you using? When you click the browse button, a pop-up window should appear to let you choose your image. Perhaps this window is hidden behind another window or you didn’t notice it show up on your screen. Please try again. Thanks.

ok, I put up what you ask for.

My picture worked on the old site. Why can’t I use it on the new site?

@markdown72 What problem are you having when uploading the picture?

when I try to upload picture it just keeps updating

Im able upload a picture for you.

“Maximum size of 1mb. JPG, GIF or PNG formats welcomed.”

namstrap can you send the image to and we can take a look to see what the problem might be?