Problem connecting to tables

Hi @fizzymint
It’s happening again. Table 3821681 in tournament 1803493 was frozen. No one was able to connect to this table for 10 minutes.

Same issue here. Got rebalanced Hand #380871246 and didn’t get reconnected until Hand #380871998 about 10 minutes later. Missed some great hands too.
I also reported it to support when it happened a few days ago…

whoeverit on March 2, 2018 at 8:18am wrote:

[Hi you wonderful folk,
I was playing last night in one of the freerolls and when the table got rebalanced I couldn’t connect to the new table. Tried everything (including mrs who’s shiny new machine, swearing and philosophy) but couldn’t connect for about 10 minutes. After I got reconnected and the game played as usual. Hand no #379738808 was when it happened and I got reconnected #379739877. I’m sure it’s just the existing servers throwing a hissy fit but just in case it pops up to bite someone’s ass …]

Table 3822759 unable to connect.

Thanks all! Really sorry this keeps happening. We’re on the case and will hopefully get this fixed once and for all.

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We’ve fixed the latest server trouble and all tables should be running normally again, but still looking into what’s been causing this to happen so frequently over the past few days so we can correct the overarching issue. I’ll update once I have more information.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient – I know this has been frustrating.


Final table and I’m have KK. I open and then get disconnected. Only on replay did I see I flopped a set of Kings and turned a full house. Doesn’t do much good if I get a “disconnected” notice and then watch a table keep trying to open until well after the hand ends.

That’s unfortunate timing, and I’m sorry to hear you missed out on that hand! We haven’t had any server trouble since our last fix, so this incident wasn’t related, but please don’t hesitate to report any persistent issues you notice in this thread so we can look into it ASAP.

Statistics were frozen on table 3873384 throughout the tourney.

Table 3873363 no statistics showing at all.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll log the incident. Keep me posted if you or anyone else notices stats not updating or disappearing. It doesn’t happen very frequently when we don’t have to do a server restart, so it’s good to get data on table numbers. Thank you again!

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This problem to connect to tables cost me 25k You giving it back. Still not working!!! When you pay entrance fees and you can’t connect they keep it

We haven’t had any outages or widespread reports of connection issues since our incident on March 6th. If you’re running into consistent trouble over time, please contact us at so we can help troubleshoot and get things running better for you. I’ll have someone from our support team reach out to you shortly. :slight_smile:

Table 3895289 stats not updating.

We pushed out a small release yesterday (just some back-end things working a bit better), and that may have messed with stats on a few tables briefly. Let me know if you notice this again!

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Table 3902257 stats not updating.

Table 3902239 stats not showing at all.

Thanks for the report! Logging this, and please let me know if you notice others.

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Hey @fizzymint
Table 3918180 stats not updating.

Sorry for the delay – was out for few days. Got it, and thanks for the report!

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Table 3926496 stats not showing.