Problem chatting in the rooms

It seems that I can’t chat when I’m in the rooms. Words appear in the chat box, but will not flow over. Strangely, everything works OK when I’m in the lobbies. I’m running WinXP, Chrome. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hit “Enter” on keyboard work?

You have the same problem when you use the browser firefox or IE?

It can be that a plugin is disabled. Go to Google Chrome plugins, look for Adobe Flashplayer, if it is disabled you must enable it.

Do you know what sort of computer you have, what CPU, memory etc? It might be that your computer is quite old know (if it’s running WinXP it suggests it is) and the chat in the flash game table might be too CPU intensive, ie. your computer might struggle with it. That’s the only thing I can think of, unless it was working fine before? In that case, try a complete reboot of the pc and see if that helps. Also a different browser, like Firefox or IE, see if the problem still exists.