Probed when in transport!

The first time I was transport from one table to another I felt something, but I was not sure. I woke up at a new table and people were doing the lol thing.

The next time I was transported to a new table I am sure I felt probing. When one is transport do moderators probe you for extra cards or is it the company. Just asking???

Hey Burgoes,

During a Multi-Table Tournaments(MTT), as players are knocked out, the tables automatically are rebalanced. So, you often sit on many tables,

Moderators are not able to move a player from one table to another, neither can see your cards.

I couldn’t understand exactly what you mean, but I think that the information above can help you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Luiz

Thank You

I was trying to be humorous. It does show that you try to help. Next time I am transported I will just enjoy the ride. Take care guys and Thank You for the nice site to play cards at…


I’ve always felt something but was ashamed to say anything.

Haha, glad I could help and feel free to ask any questions!

i bet u were