I and I know other players would like something like private tables on ring games. Not all tables would have to be like this but certain tables. Who ever opened the table would be in control of who entered table. There are a lot of players that are just very rude, have neg. comments on everything, slow down the play for everyone, bingo players and just ruin the table for everyone there. The way it is now, there is only one option…everyone that does not like this behavior has to leave. We have played on here long enough to know who these players are and what to expect when the come to the table. The way it would work is the player that opens the table has to ok the player when he tries to sit in on the game. I am sure if this option was put to players you would find it to be a favorable idea. There would always be the public ring games which anyone could sit but this would give players a more enjoyable game.

You can start the Enjoyable League if You wish.

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I totally agree … and those who play at several tables,Replay should not allow this to happen, it’s not fair for those who are waiting, it’s a real waste of time and very unpleasant

Seriously people??? lol

You can start a League which only allows Members to join , these are played as an MTT though so once you run out of chips you are out which isn’t the case in ring games.Leagues are fun if you like to play with the same group of friends.