Private table

Is there a way to create my own table, and invite friends to play, without people I don’t know joining the game

The only thing we have right now is something called ReplayPoker Mini here:

It let’s you play anonymously with your friends, just tell them to join a table. However it doesn’t work with your existing account and you only can choose the tables that are listed there, and there’s no way to stop other players from joining, although right now we don’t publicize this page, so it’s normally pretty quiet.

We have thought about adding home-style games for you and your friends only. This is something obviously you’d be interested in, can you tell us a bit about why you’d like to have the ability to create your own tables. Would you want to invite existing ReplayPoker players, or non-RP players? Would you want the chips you win/lose to be the same chips you use in regular ring games/tourneys. Presumably you’d also like to customize the type of ring game configuration. Do share your thoughts and ideas with us and we can see about adding something.

(yeah I know this post is old, but)

For now Id like to create tables to play with friends I’ve met here at RP. In the future it is higly likely i’d like to play wih friends spread out over the world.

The creator of the table should be able to set the chip-count to yes/no (as in the same I have in my account / unconnected ones), and if yes the buy-in from 0 to whatever. The creator should also be able to decide which players are allowed to sit at the table (by chosing nicks from existing players). Allt this besides deciding the rules. But all this could be done by basic tickboxes and slides.

I have my way of preferred playing and this allows me to play more of that, with other players here feeling the same.

My friends and I would like to play significantly slower and in our little group. since we are not allowed to go outside and meet, this would be the perfekt way to stay in contact and play a little poker with friends.

I guess it would be ok to play with the regular chips, but it would be great to decide the rules and blinds and stuff.

Hi zottinger, welcome to the forum,

There are no facilities for private tables on Replay, but as you are new to the site you might take a look at the ring games in the lobby and see there are plenty of tables where you and your friends can play. It is not possible for these to be exclusive but I am sure you will make lots of new friends there and enjoy the games

Also if you take a look at the Leagues you will see there are some very good leagues you may wish to join and all the people who play in them have lots of fun.

Good luck on the tables!