Private Table with Higher Limit

Hello there,

is there any option to get a higher Table limit? my Limits are 100-400 at each table… Is there a way like a “Buy in” and play with 10.000 Coins?

I would pay fr that thank y

You just joined the site 5 minutes ago. Give yourself sometime to amass some chips. Nothing else I know of to get you up the ladder so to speak.

Best of luck

Is there a way to create a tournament fpr that? Private?

You can always join a league or try to start your own league with higher stakes tables.

It looks like the private tables are all 1/2 with 100-400 buys as you said. If there is a way to increase the stakes, I don’t see it. And no, you can’t start a private tourney except as a league, as CA stated.

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Having looked at your last ring game results, it seems that you are not exactly crushing the competition!

You are obviously not losing, overall, but your results do not speak to me of an upcoming new star.

I suggest that you listen to @Craig_Anthony .


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