Private Table Feedback

We’ve just launched a feature many of you have asked for – private tables! Please take a look at our announcement in this thread.

If you have any suggestions or feedback about these new tables, please share them with us right here.


I suspect this will cause problems in the long run…

Will my private table link change each time, or is it always the same?
Your link is directly associated with your account and remains the same.

So once you give someone your link, they can join any table you ever start? What if you invite someone who turns out to be disruptive? What if one of your friends shares the link with someone you don’t want in your private game? If you are going to have static links, you need some sort of blacklist ability, or at least the ability for the owner to boot someone off the table.

How will spectators work? When I click someone’s name to go to their profile, or use search to find a profile, I see a “playing now” link that leads me to their table. Won’t this expose that player’s key, and thus the link to their private table? Will spectators be enabled at all?

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Excellent points, SPG. We’re going to need kick/ban and a way to block stalkers if the private tables are going to stay private.

That said, I’m glad to see the first iteration rolled out. Makes me look forward to coming back to play.


This seems like a good haven for chip dumpers to do their thing. How will Replay prevent that?



I thought this straight away. I see dumping a lot. I think these tables should be available for everyone to view but not be able to chat on or obviously join. This might keep em more honest.

Honestly if you want to cheat there is virtually no way to stop it. Fortunately most cheaters aren’t smart enough to do it intelligently enough not to get caught.

Problems are just Questions that need to be answered…

Get better friends?

Get better friends?

You can fix most problems by getting better friends.

Your table should be approved by host only. Let friends suggest players & host add/approve/remove.

Spectators should be mute & unable to “chat” & disrupt games. Spectators might stop chip dumping. TBH I would doubt very much anyone that wants to cheat & chip dump would be interested in this feature.

“Get better friends.”

Problem solved, thanks!



Your welcome!!! Its pretty easy right?

You wouldn’t invite someone around for a party or meal you would need to “boot” would you? Would your friends invite questionable folk you might need to “boot”?

If you don’t “trust” your friends give them some guidelines & rules etc. RP is already moderating way too much. They got enough to do that they don’t need to be doing. Let them focus on not doing that. They shouldn’t need to get involved in your private table antics.

I think you underestimate your ability to organise a good & respectable game. I’m sure most of your friends are well behaved. Don’t worry it will all work out fine!!!

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Well, first of all, I don’t play rings here, so will never use this feature.

But I wasn’t concerned for myself. Over the entire player pool, there will almost certainly be numerous times where this problem comes up. This could turn into a customer support nightmare, not to mention leave an unfavorable impression on those affected.

Globally, 45% of marriages end in divorce. One would think it’s easier to find a good spouse, since you know them in person and in more depth than your online friends. Maybe people could find better spouses, but since almost half of them don’t, this is easier said than done.

Anyway, my questions were for Replay. “Get better friends” is neither an answer nor a solution.

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Absolutely – this is something we’re working out. Right now the thinking is to either have a button on the private table page to generate a new link if necessary, or at least have support be able to do it if anyone writes in with an issue. We’ll have an update on that in the future.

Reporting a player will still work when you’re on these tables, so for the time being, if one of your invitees turns out to be a troll, you can report them and we’ll handle it.

Since we agree there should be at least some type of measure in place for this, there is no need to debate what kinds of friends you should have. :slight_smile: Let’s keep it on topic, please.

If you click on a friend’s name who is at a private table, a window opens up you that you aren’t allowed to join the table. You still need to have the link, even if you just want to spectate.

We have experienced collusion staff in place using techniques to detect and prevent collusion. When we find it, we take appropriate action.

Thanks Fizzy.

I invited my sister to join me at a table. She has been waiting for HTML5 so she can use her tablet to play. We had a good time getting her to the table, and from there she had her first lesson in playing Texas Hold’em. She and I both recognized that the speed at the end of the hand made analysis and explanation a challenge: the cards were gone and the next hand had started before we could talk about what just happened. I wonder if there’s a way to have a training table with a slow motion option. It’s just a thought: no pressure implied. I sent my sister some quick reading and a couple of beginner’s videos so that she could reflect on what happened and come back a little more prepared to play. She appreciated the chance to jump right in, which helped her recognize what she needed to know. There’s no possible way she would have tried the game without the private table, by the way, so kudos!



Good news. Welcome to RP Jans Sister. Yea a few good ideas. Training or learning tables etc would be a great idea.

I guess temporarily you could sit out after each hand. Annoying but a band-aid solution. After you sit out you can both replay the hand presumably as normal? Possibility of a pause button might be good, but a long way off I would think.

My best friend started playing on RP after watching her husband play. Interesting how we discovered RP.

Msg me if you want an extra player. I haven’t tried the new tables but figure they are the same.


Hey–imagine that: We could replay the hand! I am terribly amused that I had completely forgotten that option. I will be in touch if we need another player. She is still a working girl, so her opportunities are rare, but I think we can “hook” her!


Ruh oohh! She is in trouble!!! Don’t do it!!!

Yea you can just replay & save em to watch later or whatever suits you I guess. I would like a pause button for replays. Sometimes ill replay a hand a few times to see each street of action.

Even a low stakes game where you can play open handed temporarily would be good training. I think as a learner open handed is a good start.

GL to you & sis :slight_smile:


I would be happy to join you both on a private table and let the clock run so that she can have time to make decisions . Welcome Jan’s sister !


I concur with all the above. Welcome, sis–you’re almost family, LOL.


Would be nice if RP eventually adds private SnG games too. I prefer ring games generally but I think SnGs are a good learning experience & a worthwhile alternative game of poker. Mostly related & inspired by @JanCee comment.

AlsoiIf I start a HU SnG waiting for a friend to join we gotta hope no one crashes the party. Shouldn’t happen too often, but its nice not to sweat it, and super annoying if when it happens.

I used to play a weekly 6MAX SnG tournament with friends donkeys years ago. It was a fun friend experience. All we needed was 6 member of the group members & champion to play. The winner/champion could start a new game anytime (or try to) after the win with 6 players & was required to do so before a 7 days or forfeit the crown.

These were private games, & no chips actually won or lost. Purely the title (bragging rights) & friends playing. Always good fun.

The possibilities are endless. These new private tables are a good start. There are a lot of other options to add too.


Excellent initiative,
the private table gives the possibility to play seriously Poker not BINGO.
Well keep it up, ReplayPoker is number 1.
Not much can be done about the quality of the players, it’s like life, you have to be careful and select the best travel companions.

P.S .: Sorry my English, the Google Translator helps me.