Private Table -- can see it but not join it

When I create a Private Table and send my buddy the link he can go to the table and see me sitting there. But he can’t join the table either with the Play Now or Open Table button. He’s using an iPad if that makes any difference.

Any ideas what’s causing this problem?

I haven’t had this problem when I’ve invited my sister, but she used her computer to join. She plans to try the iPad next, so I’ll appreciate responses to your question so I can forewarn her.


Tiandra and I have just tested the private tables, both using ipads. Neither of us had a problem joining or playing, so I think your friend is probably needing some help from in case he is not following the joining instructions properly.

Hope this helps


Additional detail about the problem – I too am able to sit at a Private Table on my iPad so I initially thought my friend was doing something wrong. But we went on Facetime with his phone and I saw all the screens and steps he took. He was signed in, clicked the right buttons, but couldn’t get a seat.

Please will you ask your friend to create the private table and see if you are able to join him/her?

Good idea and I’ll see if one of his kids can work on this with me (assuming they’re better at this stuff than he and I are).