Private rooms now?

I went to a table and was told to leave by three players on a 4 player table because this table was only for friends. Since when did RP start doing private tables? It is becoming the most unfriendly place to come and I am ready to just leave it for good.

I think that when people (players, not staff) tell you to do something it is a request…regardless of how it is phrased.

So, if you left it was your decision…

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I understand it was a request. However, for some reason I thought maybe I stumbled upon something new and rooms were now private. I know it was my decision because if the players then decide to sit out and go grey I guess they send a clear message, right? Seems like a bad thing to be able to tell players to leave that it is only for friends was the whole point here.

If players are asking you to leave a table, please report them to us. All tables are open to play for everyone.


Thank you for responding. Yes, I was asked to leave because the table was for friends only. Also, the way people will bypass that is just go grey(sit out) until you leave which was what happened in my case. I have no problem leaving but I wasn’t sure if tables all of a sudden became private. Heck, if that is the case, charge them extra for doing so. Could be a service you offer?

It was wrong for them to ask you to leave then sat out when you didn’t. I hope that Replay does allow us to create private tables in the future soon to avoid this situation

It would be fun to be able to create your own private tables and your friends could join though an invitation Just an idea that I know has been suggested before.

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Well, I have not seen any private tables in the casinos…only money requirements.

I did run into this one time. I stayed – for spite, I guess – and got some cards, won some hands but then those people can gang up on you. Totally your decision. I feel other players cannot tell you to leave. As the Fizz stated just report them. It’s not ‘ratting’ — better to nip that in the bud but leave it to the pro’s.

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if I understand this site correctly,no one can ask you to leave the table even if you are being abusive(for which they will have to lodge a complaint and you can continue playing and abusing till a mod finds out)…so asking someone to leave the table with no harm done by you is not acceptable…if few friends are playing and they want monopoly on the table then they need to request you very nicely and politely without you feeling offended…and the choice is yours to leave or play…if you decide to play and their modus operendi is to gang up against you then trust me these players wont be polite to begin with…it again depends upon you,if you feel you are intruding which you are not as per the rules of the game and want to let them have their fun its your prerogative and good notion.its not their call.Its totally upto you play or not.

Maybe I am paranoid but I frequently feel that everybody at the table is trying to take al my chips…

They asked you to leave not to commit harikiri. Heaven help us all should you be asked to move along a seat in a movie theatre to allow a family to be seated as a group. Maybe they are a group of friends who can"t have their regular home game at the moment and have set aside an hour of Facebook and Poker to catch up. e.g. children at college or son/daughter serving overseas. etc

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County-don’t get paranoid all the players playing are gunning for your chips and mine a well and vice versa lol!!!do we spare our friends???lmao!!!
never observed being ganged upon except for the one time which was very obvious…

What’s your problem? I left with no fuss. Jesus people. What the heck is wrong with players and the responses here? I asked a simple question not to get ugly comments by other players. Dont need your input.

whoeverit, I dont need your kind of input. I simply thought something had changed about tables? I had no idea why they would ask a person to leave and I asked why and their English was not good so all of a sudden they stopped playing until I would leave. I thought I may have stumbled upon a private room or something had changed since last I played. The most telling of the people I have endured is the name calling and by some of these responses, which are absolutely unfriendly, speaks volumes about the ugliness of some of the people here playing. The names I have been called while playing, not saying a word to anyone, is atrocious.

the only private room in a casino is high rollers with millions of real dollars

Your original question is irrelevant. If the reason you asked your question was prompted by your curiosity of whether or not the website started having private tables (which you stated in a defensive response), then you should already know the answer. If they did have private tables, you would not have been afforded the opportunity to play on that table unless you were invited. Clearly the people at the table did not want to play with you. I understand that you started this thread to complain about “it seeming like a bad thing to be able to tell players to leave”, but the very act of doing so is beyond trivial at this point. Get over it, there are plenty of tables.

Should I open a thread when people complain when I raise them all in? Or when people tell me that I should leave and “go play bingo” after I raise all-in pre-flop? The answer is no, of course I shouldn’t because nobody likes a complainer. If I were to do so, people would probably tell me to leave when i sit at their table, giving me the reason that it is just for friends.

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“I don’t need your kind of input.” Well, when one posts on a public forum, one should expect all kinds of input, some of which you might not like.

“…the name calling… speaks volumes about the ugliness of some of the people.” OK, now this is amusing. Complaining about name calling while name calling yourself… priceless!

Just out of curiosity… in the example provided, 75% of the people wanted a private table experience, while 25% objected to it. At a 9 seat table, it would be about 88% to 11% in favor of a private game. The “solution” is for the minority to report the majority so action can be taken against them. In what world does this make sense?

I would be willing to bet that a fair number of people leave this site once they get a warning. They move on to less restrictive sites where they can play without walking on eggshells. If you try to please everyone, you will please nobody… that’s a fact. Right now, you are saying, “If you would like private rooms, go play somewhere else. Not only will we NOT implement this feature, we will root out and punish those who want it.”

I mean, really? Egad!

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This is a public forum so my input bears as much validity as any other post here.

I have never called you names (nor do I intend to) yet, as both the quoted posts were directed toward me, you have made 2 comments about my ugliness. Those wishing to live in glasshouses should refrain from throwing rocks.
You stayed at the table until forced to leave by the other 3 players greying out. You stayed long enough to know “their English was not good”. When finally forced to leave you go to the public forum and post " it is becoming the most unfriendly place" while complaining about three friends who want to play with a fourth friend. The irony of it all …
Now could you please be a dear and explain why their English language skills make any difference to anything if its not too much of a drag.

Well, a lot of people feel that way…but I find it questionable

Well, now I feel compelled to add 2 things…

1… My post is not a bash at Fizzy, who is actually quite wonderful in virtually every way. She’s just doing her job when she suggests people rat out their fellow players for minor infractions that shouldn’t be infractions in the first place.

2… I realize it takes a lot to implement private tables. You would need a better invite system, some sort of password system for the tables, and so on.

I will also note that there are nice ways to tell people you want a private game and not-so-nice ways. Being rude to people isn’t good, m’kay?

I don’t think this happens often enough to be a real problem. What I am suggesting is that you consider relaxig your rules on this matter, at least until you can implement a private game option.