Private room with friends only


looking for a site where a couple of friends and I can start a private hold em lobby and play. Didn’t seem to find any info on this in the FAQ. Is this the right site for us?

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That’s correct, we don’t currently support private games, but it’s something we’re planning to add in the future, probably not until next year though as we have a lot of stuff lined up already for the next few months. You could try PokerStar’s Home Games, that’s the only site I’m currently aware of that offers private home games.

Poker Stars is the only site that i know of that had a private site for friends only. You would start a special room and the person who started it would have a code & be notified who than they made the decision to let you in or not. Almost sure that they no longer have this anymore?

According to me Pokabunga is the first website to introduce Private Tables for poker where we can play with our friends.