Private Ring tables

Hi all, I was just wondering something.

I know the feature “Private tables” allows us to create a table and invite people who are not registered to play by sending them a link, and that on public tables there is an option in an empty seat where we can Invite Friends who are registered on the site to join, but would there be an option where we could sit at a table and only be able to invite Friends, without random players joining, i.e. not a regular public table.

Say for instance a few of us wanted to complete some Missions tasks, the problem with joining public tables at low stakes, as we all know, there are too many pre-flop All-inners who just ruin it for everybody else. So it would be nice to just be able to invite Friends to play, without having other random players joining in. So, like a private table in a way. but only Friends can join.

Hope that makes sense.

I’m almost positive you can have it the way you want by creating your own private league and set your own rules.

Hi Craig, what about away from Leagues? Doesn’t sound too fun having to go through the whole process and getting people to join, especially if we are already in a league.

I agree, just a thought.

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