Private friends tables

Has it ever been thought of having private tables where you can play with those who are only on your friends list?

I think its a nice idea


Yes. This has been thought of. Matter of fact, it’s already under construction in the form of leagues. You can find the leagues in the pokerlobby, or through this link:

You mean this?

You open a table, only the friends on YOUR friend list are able to join that table. If they are not on your friends list they can send you a request and ask if they can join, you can accept or not. Than you dont have to play with players you do not like or who you do not know,

You can exclude players. Hm, that is not a form of community.

i agree with happiness on that 1

Couldn’t that be done or arranged in the Sit n Go environment? Or RP can create tables a long away from the normal tables in the cyber twilight zone with a password only the undesirables go to play. However, it’s a one way street they no longer can play at the normal tables.

you have to be a member of paradise poker league to play tournaments with us. anyone can join paradise poker league. its free to join. can visit paradise poker league by going to

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I would Love to invite my new friends on the site to play a “friendly” game of poker, low stakes of course. I am worried though that feelings could be hurt? They all seem to have a great sense of humor, but that dosen’t always pan out. Any Good Advice??? Thanks, Nancy A Ibenancy