I’m thinking that letting everyone and their brother seeing players rank and chip amount is not a good thing. First of all I think it puts players with less chips more likely to get bullied off a table. Also I’ve seen players teased for having nb ( no bank) other sites I play its up to the players if they want this info viewed. I for one consider it my business alone what is or is not in my bank! Please make this possible,surely I’m not the only one who desires privacy,look at all the "Apple " people lol

I think RP plan to do that.

I think showing that information is important until there are more comprehensive stats. Rank is a useful starting point to predict how somebody will play. If players are bullying you because you are low ranked, you can adjust your game to use it your advantage. Also, “nb” usually means nice bet. I have never seen it stand for “no bank”. I can’t imagine why anybody would say that.

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I also see no problem with showing someones rank BUT I do agree that a persons chip count or their bankroll is there own business!