PRep Status?

Playing the other day and in the chat noticed that a player had a PRep in (PRep) after his name. I asked him what it stood for… he never answered. I asked again - no answer. I went and looked at his page. He was ranked - 600 something and had 150 million chips! Whew - quite a reserve.

Anyone know what PRep means?

It stands for Player Prep. Moderators have Mod after their name. If you need to know what we do look at the bottom of the lobby page and click on Moderators tab and send me a message and I will explain.



LOL…A PlayerRep is there to answer questions you might have.


Nah; you’re not even close. There are 30 Reps and not one of them is close to 600 having 150 million. You must have misread. But you can learn how off you were if you check out all the Reps:


Hi Mr. Chips,

Sorry you didn’t get your answer when you asked. We get busy sometimes and may have more than one window open so can easily miss something on the table chat. You can message us through the Replay message board and there is almost always some of us here . playing so fell free to contact us anytime. Hope to see you soon at the tables.

Best Wishes,



Hi Mr-Chips,

I recognize your name and have around that number of chips so could have been me that you asked. Apologies if I missed the question - I answer that one at least a couple times every time I play so certainly not intentional if I wasn’t responding. Others have already jumped in here so not going to repeat but please reach out if you have any additional questions; I’ll try not to turn a blind eye this time :wink:

Take Care!



lol this ^
guess he won’t be a rep for long :joy:

that can’t be entirely true, i have 41M on the moment and am on 377th place. so someone with 150M should be somewhere around 100th place.

gl and have fun :slight_smile:

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Sharon’s right, its supposed to be realtime people sprinkled on tables to assist players in realtime, not directing them to msgs. Yea I can see playing alot of tables, but if you’re “on the clock” then prolly not so much. If I donated 6 hrs a day to replay as a PRep, then after that 6 hrs I’d wanna have some “me” time… But there is no current way to distinguish between the two … so the volunteers get some time in peace.

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