Premium Membership FAQs

Hi all!

Replay Poker has just launched a new feature – Premium Membership! This is an add-on that gives subscribers perks such as 100,000 chips monthly, exclusive sales, additional private table options, and more. You can read more about what it includes by clicking here.

We’ve included a Q&A below for common questions, but please don’t hesitate to contact us at if there’s any other way we can help you.

Q: Is Replay Poker still free?

A: Yes, Replay Poker is free to play, and always will be! Our Premium Membership is a new feature that introduces new perks to subscribers. Non-subscribers will not lose any features they’re used to with this new add-on.

Q: Why is Replay Poker offering this new subscription?

A: Subscribers help support the site! Those who choose to purchase chips or a membership ensure that anyone who wants to play for free on our site can do so.

Many of our players have asked for a way to support Replay Poker without directly purchasing chips, so we wanted to find another way to allow them to do so – while still offering some perks as our way of saying thanks.

Q: When will I receive my free chips?

A: Free chips are distributed on your subscription renewal date. If you subscribed on the 8th of the month, you will receive them on the 8th of the month, if you subscribed on the 14th, you will receive them on the 14th, etc. If you subscribed on the 31st, you will receive them on the last day of the month for months with fewer than 31 days.

Q: When will I receive my sign-up bonus?

A: Your sign-up bonus is automatically credited to your account when you subscribe to premium membership. You can check your bank transaction history on your Transaction page (Bank Transactions · Replay Poker) if you would like to double-check to ensure you received them.

Q: What Exclusive Offers will I receive, and when will I receive them?

A: We plan to offer an exclusive offer to premium members at least once a month. These exclusive offers could be deals on chip packages, free chips, or something else entirely. Keep your eyes peeled for special messages from us when these deals become available!

Q: What type of Exclusive Tournaments will we have, and when will they run?

A: We plan to offer exclusive freerolls at least once a month. We have not yet scheduled these tournaments as we want to see where our premium members reside before scheduling these tournaments to ensure they benefit our subscribers the most. As our memberships grow, so will our ability to offer exclusive tournaments and freerolls!

Q: What types of Private Ring Games will I be able to create? Can anyone join them? How many can I create?

A: You will be able to create private tables based on any of the table type, stake, and variants we already have on the site. When you create a private table, you will be able to click the template of the table you want to create to mimic the type, stake, and variant of that table. When you create the table, you will be presented with a link that anyone you share the link with can join, whether they have premium membership or not!

You can create and have one table active at a time, but when you are done with the table, it will close automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can also close the table yourself with the click of a button to terminate at the end of the current hand so you can create another one to use if you’d like.

Q: What happens if I cancel my premium membership?

A: If you choose to cancel your premium membership, you will retain access to all the benefits of premium membership until the end of your billing cycle. If you are on a monthly account, you will retain access until the day before your next billing date, and if you are on an annual account, you will retain access for as long as your annual membership would normally be active until your next billing date.

If you reactivate before your membership lapses, you will continue with your original billing date. If not, you are welcome to rejoin at any time, and your membership will begin from your new signup date.

Q: Does my premium membership automatically renew?

A: Yes, Premium Membership is a subscription service that automatically renews every month or every year depending on the plan you signed up for. You are able to cancel at any time, and will continue to receive all your benefits until the end of the billing cycle as outlined above.


We’ve launched our first 500k Premium Membership freerolls! These will run weekly at the following times (ET):

  • 4am Saturdays
  • 12pm Saturdays
  • 8pm Sundays

We’ll be keeping an eye on attendance and subscriber feedback, and will make any adjustments as necessary. :slight_smile:


We’re making a change to our Premium Membership Freerolls!

Due to low attendance in the 4am freeroll, we’ve decided to turn these 500k weekly freerolls into 100k daily freerolls instead. These will run at the following times:

  • 12pm ET
  • 8pm ET

We’ll continue to track these exclusive tournaments, as we want to ensure that as many members have access to them as possible.