Premium membership causes drop in good hands

Anyone else notice that your winning hand percentage goes down dramatically after getting a Premium membership???

Similar to WSOP once you buy chips, they seem to do everything possible to suck out on you almost every hand.

To be honest I manage to lose just as much as a Premium Member as I did in the years before the advent of Premium, but I have met some nice polite people in the premium games which is a great bonus. I think concentrating more on my game and less wondering if my apple pie is burning is the answer.:heart_eyes_cat:


Concentrate on not letting the Apple Pie burn please :wink: or the vanilla ice cream melting. :joy:

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Always love a little humor in my day … just seems the sucking engine is on overtime since flipping the switch … and I buy, not bake, my apple pies, thx :smiley:

Yesterday, I received pocket aces for the first time in approximately 1,200 games. Yes, I counted them, because I’ve started recording hands again. I can reasonably expect to receive pocket aces five times in 1,200 games. But for me, once. By contrast, I received off-suit J/6 sixteen times. I can reasonably expect to receive off-suit J/6 seven times in 1,200 games. But for me, sixteen times.

I’m not a premium member. I’m just card dead. It happens to everyone. It seems like it only happens to me, but it doesn’t - every player is 100% certain to experience hard times. The likelihood increases the longer one remains a player. Being card dead cannot and will not last forever, but it can go on for a very long time and drive you completely mental. 1,200 games in my case was around 16 hours of play in total. 16 hours of trash.

My feeling is, if I’m 80% less likely to get pocket aces than the reasonably expected frequency, yet 2.3-times likelier than the reasonably expected frequency to get bottom of the barrel trash, it’s time for a break.

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Here, try this :joy:


ANYONE buying chips needs to get a good shrink, pay this place $10.00 a month or whatever lmfao, earn your chips and your ego does not need a boost with chips bought i hope:).

I gladly give the $10 a month for a premium membership. The staff and volunteers provide a good service and I for one would like to keep it going.

When i started about a year ago i did buy 65,000 chips for .99, i did my part:) but i understand what you’re saying Craig, i only play on here a little at night like now because cannot sleep as wife big snorer lol.

That is hard to believe Ckdrummer, i would think they would give us all equal hands etc:)…That does not make sense, they would not want to make paying people mad or anyone for that matter with giving bad hands etc> lol.

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This is a ridiculous thread. There is no correlation between a Premium Membership and a losing streak.


Got to agree with you Craig, maybe it’s the player:).

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I think u should get pocket Aces one out of every 144 hands but i am not good with numbers:),

Or maybe it’s one out of every 169 hands for pocket Aces lol.

The probability of picking up pocket aces (or any particular pocket pair) in Texas Hold’em is once every 221 hands. You’ll sometimes see pocket aces several times in a single session, however, and you’ll also experience lengthy stretches without picking up aces.

In the long run, all players at the table have the same chance of being dealt pocket aces in a particular hand.

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The likelihood of getting pocket aces or any pair is 1 / ((4 / 52) x (3 / 51)) = once every 221 games on average.

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I only thought about purchasing premium membership and I lost a hand, won’t do that again, to dangerous

I knew i was close but 2 tried to do math, just had pocket A’s and lost to 7-2 (dumb me slow playing them lol).

Craig, i mean, it is oblivious to try to explain to some people that we all have the same chance for awww any 2 cards lol. I try telling new players to poker -just have patience and the cards will come but the younger generation wants everything right away lol. 7 stud is my game but now hold em is big and i did not know how to play but with a little patience i am average at it now:) and watching the movie Rounders 12 times helped 2:).

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What makes it funnier was i lost with those pocket As at a small cash game, even cash players chase lol:).