Premium membership causes drop in good hands

Anyone else notice that your winning hand percentage goes down dramatically after getting a Premium membership???

Similar to WSOP once you buy chips, they seem to do everything possible to suck out on you almost every hand.

To be honest I manage to lose just as much as a Premium Member as I did in the years before the advent of Premium, but I have met some nice polite people in the premium games which is a great bonus. I think concentrating more on my game and less wondering if my apple pie is burning is the answer.:heart_eyes_cat:


Concentrate on not letting the Apple Pie burn please :wink: or the vanilla ice cream melting. :joy:

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Always love a little humor in my day … just seems the sucking engine is on overtime since flipping the switch … and I buy, not bake, my apple pies, thx :smiley:

Yesterday, I received pocket aces for the first time in approximately 1,200 games. Yes, I counted them, because I’ve started recording hands again. I can reasonably expect to receive pocket aces five times in 1,200 games. But for me, once. By contrast, I received off-suit J/6 sixteen times. I can reasonably expect to receive off-suit J/6 seven times in 1,200 games. But for me, sixteen times.

I’m not a premium member. I’m just card dead. It happens to everyone. It seems like it only happens to me, but it doesn’t - every player is 100% certain to experience hard times. The likelihood increases the longer one remains a player. Being card dead cannot and will not last forever, but it can go on for a very long time and drive you completely mental. 1,200 games in my case was around 16 hours of play in total. 16 hours of trash.

My feeling is, if I’m 80% less likely to get pocket aces than the reasonably expected frequency, yet 2.3-times likelier than the reasonably expected frequency to get bottom of the barrel trash, it’s time for a break.

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Here, try this :joy: