Premium freeroll

Frist attempt was a win, netting 100K (paying 10). Next three was 6th (paying 4), 8th (Paying 3), and 5th (paying 3). It took going to activity to realize the first one was 500K while the next ones were 100K.
Was the 500K a special tourney with the norm being 100K?
Also, I noticed tournament point were awarded. Do points from premium freerolls end up on a leaderboard somewhere?

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R.I.P. 500K Freerolls. You will be missed.

tks, @SilentOutlaw, @fizzymint

does any one know why i cant get premium free rolls listed i can all other games through to 2 11 21 just no premium games???

If you’re a Premium member, you ought to be able to join those games. If you’re not…

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