Preflop odds - Omaha hi/lo

Interesting statistics of preflop odds for Omaha hi/lo can be found here. (Link for Hold’em.) Favourite AKsA2s ranks only 25th. Top twenty five hands in hi/lo:

1 Ax Ay 3x 2y
2 Ax Ay 4x 2y
3 Ax A- 3x 2-
4 Ax A- 3- 2x
5 Ax Ay 5x 2y
6 Ax Ay 4x 3y
7 Ax Ay 2x 2y
8 Ax A- 3x 2x
9 Ax Ky 3x 2y
10 Ax Ky 3y 2x
11 Ax 4y 3y 2x
12 Ax 4y 3x 2y
13 Ax 4x 3y 2y
14 Ax A- 4x 2-
15 Ax A- 4- 2x
16 Ax Qy 3x 2y
17 Ax 4x 3- 2-
18 Ax Qy 3y 2x
19 Ax 4- 3x 2-
20 Ax 4- 3- 2x
21 Ax Ay 5x 3y
22 Ax Ay 6x 2y
23 Ax A- 4x 2x
24 Ax Ay Tx 2y
25 Ax Ay Kx 2y
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Do you raise preflop on all these hands?

If you are a preflop raiser, yes, certainly you can. If you see the chart, it lists the probability of winning. This is for ten players table, average win is 10%. If the probability of your hand is 20% which is twice the average, you may probably raise. That’s about 430 hands in the chart which may be raised preflop. People do even more.


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