Predetermined and marked players

Why do you run a site that predetermines the winner and marks players that voice their opinion to loose? Poker is a beautiful game that sites like yours are ruining for the sake of selling chips.

You wrote this accusation several times and in more other topics. Really think poker is not your game and you not understand all parts of the game poker.

But complaints about dealing you find on every online poker site and even in real poker. People always will complain about this. Even if the dealer sits opposite of him.

The dealing on ReplayPoker is fair and the game is fair also, there are no marked players. ReplayPoker offers a fair game of poker.

But the game poker is “not fair”, you must play with the cards you get and with the cards coming on table. You can lose with “good” hands and win with “bad” hands. You can have a good day and have a bad day.

There is no guarantee for winning, no matter your cards. It is possible to lose 50 or more hands in a row, it is possible to win 5 hands or more in a row. Everything is possible with poker. You not know the cards of your opponents, he can bluff, he can have better cards, he can have odds and take the risk of the river. Some only play the high cards, some play every hand, some take more risks, you never know. You only know what you have yourself and can try to “read” what hand your opponent may have.

Really think if you can not handle with this part of poker it is not your game.

And about selling chips. If you not want to buy chips you not have to buy chips. The site if free for all members, no special memberships for special games or promotions, all members can join all games on ReplayPoker.

Also many free chips is given out every day, the daily bonus, free topping up when you are broke, many leaderboards with chips to win, extra promotions, every day freerolls. Not all sites do this.

And of course it is possible to buy chips when you want to play in the high stake rooms or tournaments with higher buy ins. Also players who buy chips support the site and keeps it free for all members!


I have read many of your replies to other players that feel the same way I do about your site. Your reply here is better written than to others where you show more anger in your response.

You stated that “poker is not your game” and that “I do not understand the game”; intended insult understood. There are many instances in the programming that show it is you that do not understand the game, such as placing a player between the big blind and the button when moving tables and then posting their small blind and dealing them a hand before the button passes. Listing more instances would just be repetitious. One of the unwritten rules of the game that I have learned is that you never try to beat a particular player, but I would love to play against you, Champ, and see just how skilled you are. A match on this site would be unacceptable for the same reason that playing on this site is aggravating to many; the feeling that this site’s deal is not a random one. Maybe we can meet at the tables someday.

Your statement that there are also complaints about the dealer in “real poker” tells me a lot about your understanding of the game. I play at live tables regularly, both in tournaments and real money, and I have never heard someone accuse the dealer of rigging the deal. As a matter of fact dealers at live money tables are usually tipped very well by the players, a fact that implies that the players feel the opposite of what you seem to think. Dealers would lose their tips, the bigger part of their income, if players thought hands were being dealt that allowed to a certain seat to win with hands percentage as high as happens here, not to mention losing his job. I wonder if your income would rise if players felt the same way about your deal as players at live tables felt about their dealers?

What you and your coworkers do not seem to understand is that a lot of the complaints about your site come from experienced players looking for a place to sharpen their skills while enjoying the game in the comfort of their home, and that because of their experience they do see the anomalies in the deal. I think that looking at posts as constructive criticism instead of viewing them with anger may be helpful to you; why else even have a place for us to post our thoughts.



I feel your pain. I was responding similar to you after I saw all of the impossibilities in this rendition of Poker.

However, if you change your perspective, as I have, this site is a little more palatable.

First and foremost, it’s free.

You don’t have to drop one cent towards the site.

However, if no one purchased chips we wouldn’t have a Replay to complain about. This is why the card play/design or whatever you want to call it is setup to “encourage” you to purchase chips.

We all want to be the best or play with the best, even at a play money poker site.

So, wading in the low to mid-range stakes only lasts for so long before you want to play with the big boys.

Well, as you have probably seen, you can get in a high stakes game now and then but cashing in is nearly impossible. You get set back to the low end to start over again.

That’s where the “encouragement” comes in to purchase chips - you get exhausted trying constantly get to the high end tables and get knocked down that you eventually purchase chips to get you there.

But yes, you can clearly see that in any given tourny a handful of players of are already pre-determined to win but if you look at it from the perspective of the site, it makes it a little easier to take. At some point in a tourny, you’re going to be that pre-determined player.

Just my .02 cents.

Guess ya’ll marked me again, bad beats for a while now! Occasionally, yes, every hand, marked player. I’ll never buy chips no matter how many bad beats your program deals!