Power Outage + Tournament Points

I was in the middle of Bankroll Builder B&R (for 6:15 PM CST) last evening when our power went out, cutting me off from our satellite connection to the Internet. Bummer.

Read the rules on Tournament Points. None are given if the player is not seated for at least half of the hands, which leads me to my next thought. I’ve been playing the leader boards, focusing not just on winning chips from prize money directly, but on rewards for the leader boards. I got 2nd or 4th place chips (don’t remember exactly) for November’s Low MTT monthly leader board, and two weeks in a row I got prizes for Best 7 and First 7 in the Sapphire League (select tournaments with a 7,500 chip entry). This week has been a little weird for me poker-wise, but now I’m focusing on boosting my position in the Low MTT monthly leader board for December.

I’ve bee there due to unreliable Internet service. As we say in golf, it’s the rub of the green, meaning stuff happens. It’s not their fault or your fault. RP has no way of knowing why you disappeared so they have to follow the rules.

BTW RP has refunded my entry fee when the outage was at their end.