Pot went to blurr


At flop i got the chips in pot number go blurr, like side pot and main pot were in top each other… I watched replay and doesn’t see nothing wrong but it’s the same hand as you can see me saying in chat. I got table rotated from top right if its any help.

Hi separi

I think this was a glitch, there is no difference when i rotate the table or not, when i replayed the hand. Earlier there was a issue with the flash, split pot and rotating the table, but you saw that when you replayed the hand with and without rotating. And that problem is fixed. But to be sure i send the hand to the tech-team. Thanks for reporting.

I hope this was an one time glitch. If not, please save that hand again and send it to support.

Greetings Happiness.

I’m not sure about the blur effect, but I have found a bug. If you rotate the table once before the turn then you rotate the table again right after the turn the side pot moves to a different position and if you continue rotating, then the side pot rotates with it. Odd! We’ll fix that.