Pot size

Random question. In the new version of Replay, say the blinds are 100/200, so there is 300 in the pot. You go all-in and everyone folds. It says you won a pot of 500 chips. It is counting the number of chips you needed to call as part of the pot. Is that standard? In the old version of the site, I am pretty sure it showed the pot size before you bet.

It isn’t a huge difference, but I think it makes more sense to say the pot size before the bet because while you technically have to pay to play, you can also fold, so your 200 chips were never in the pot except as part of the all-in raise. It is sometimes confuses me because I think “oh, my bet was too small, I bet 300 to win 700”, but really I bet 300 to win 500.

I noticed that, too, and I already have enough probs with pot odds, as it is.