Post your proudest replay hand(s)

i just had a fun idea for a forum. from all replay hands you have played you probably have some hands you are proud of. post the proudest hand of them on the forum. it won’t matter if it is a big laydown, a herocall, a triple barrel bluff, a light 4bet, or perhaps even something simple like a good sized valuebet. anything goes, as long as it’s your proudest hand.

if you have more then 1 tied in the first place, you can also post more of them.

besides posting hands, you can also comment on the hands of other people, doesn’t matter they are positive or negative comments, this because negative ones are good to learn from, and positive are always fun to hear.

also don’t forget to post what your hand was (unless all-in), this because only you can see your own hand.

here are mine:
hand 251709996 10c 6c
hand 282303030 Ac 9c

have fun.


I wouldn’t say I am proud of this hand, but it was kinda fun…

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haha, i can understand that :slight_smile:
i also have one of these: hand 163897589.

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Ouch … SunPowerGuru,
That was prolly American regional, just brutal… u flop it, he bets into you…
(RockandRoland) is good consistant player too…

I fished thru what small number of hands I have saved, got 3 to show you.

(Edit: just 3 fun ones to watch, also not “proudest”)

Such a brutal game.

First one is an example of the old proverb ; Dont push when the donkeys are pulling

Dont know why but I’ve always liked this one : :innocent:
Hehehe. Sorryish. You had made a great recovery just to reach the final table


[quote=“whoeverit, post:6, topic:6594”]
Dont know why but I’ve always liked this one
[/quote]Gee, I wonder why, roflmao … s’ok, I’ve got you a few times too.

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I’ve got one. :slight_smile:
Hand #291529046

I’ve got 2 hands. The first hand I won with a Straight Flush King High in Omaha and the other hand is another Omaha game where I won over a 230k pot with a Flush Ace High

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Not my proudest hand, this, but I watch it when I’m on tilt, cuz it shows me that I got incredibly lucky once…
hand 277305605
I was 0.24% to win the Hi hand on the flop


crazy hand ever

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UNBELIEVABLE !!! LOL Nice Catch !!! :+1: Remind me not to play at your table hahahahahaha

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Hands like this could happen more often :grin:


my worst play :slight_smile:


Well played

funny how your best hands are not always the biggest pots…lol… except in tourneys… i am thinking i have won bigger pots in ring games but the tourney pots were bigger… :relaxed:

Wow this is so cool hence the name Replay Poker (captain obvious, this is AWESOME!)…