POST or describe - (p1 ) YOUR personal (IRL) favourite OR most memorable hand or (p2) pro players hands.

POST or describe - YOUR personal favourite or most memorable hands OR pro favourite hand (youtube etc). The following hand I played is a win & my personal favourite:
I do generally find the most interesting & memorable hands are loses, so I will probably post quiet a few in future. I fold 72o like avoiding catching COVID-19 SO a side mission is to play an interesting/memorable 72 hand, particularly as a winning bluff. (Not ruddy likely).

Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Bluffs or hero calls (most memorable or greatest OR 72 PLEASE)
  • Bad luck
  • Worst Loss. (bad luck or biggest)
  • Tilting players (ring) getting value (or bad calls & losing)
  • MTT final table bad luck OR good luck
  • Getting outplayed or outplaying
  • DONK play

Keep in mid this is purely entertainment. Please dont be critical or offensive about play or players, THANKS

Talking about pro players my favourite hands are played by: No#1 Phil Hellmuth & No#2 Jamie Gold. As a hint: the most memorable/interesting hands are the most emotional onesIMO.

(browser wont update side preview ATM so i can only view as i type :frowning: )