Possible Oral COVID Treatment

Merck to request emergency approval for COVID-19 antiviral pill

Excerpt: Molnupiravir would be used after diagnosis and is thus not a replacement for vaccination, but it can help reduce transmission. (…) In a trial earlier this year, the company enrolled nonhospitalized, COVID-19 patients who have had symptoms for more than five days and were at risk for COVID-19 complications. When treated with molnupiravir, none of the patients tested positive after five days, while 24% of placebo patients did. Merck aims to produce 10 million courses of treatment by the end of the year, with more supply expected in 2022. Upon emergency authorization or approval, the company will supply the U.S. government with 1.7 million courses of molnupiravir, and is in talks with other governments as well, a company announcement reads. Pfizer is working on its own oral antiviral, as is Roche and Atea Pharmaceuticals. [Some possible good news for a change. Alan25main]


In South-East Asia, to my personal knowledge, any vaccine is a good vaccine.

Look, it’s a wonderful 1st world problem to have … do I have to take a jab or do I have to swallow?

I’d like a little bit more attention paid to SEA and the countries of Africa which is the extent of my knowledge. I have friends in both regions and there are very few vaccine deniers in both places!!!

I really appreciate you keeping us up to date Alan but this is a global problem and my country and yours is not doing enough.

What was the final budget for the Afghanistan invasion? The Iran invasion? The Iraq invasion? I am carefully leaving alone the Korean wars and Vietnam because my opinions would not be at all taken well!

Australia has just committed some 40 billion or whatever astronomical number it is to “fighting for peace”. That is the same as, to repeat the hackneyed saying, “fscking for virginity”. It’s a totally stupid argument. That isn’t way that either of them work.

If my country and yours spent even 1/2 of the totally unnecessary military budget on health care we’d be totally over this thing.

The news that I want to see is that healthcare spending in “3rd world” (I hate that expression!) countries has exceeded domestic spending.

I have a lot of respect for you Alan and wish you,

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Yeah, but what I really want to know is how is it at de-worming horses?

(Sorry - couldn’t resist.)


@Elvoid LMFAO

As a Marine Corps veteran and other Veterans on this forum and site, I would hate to think that what why did was for nothing. We get what congress allocates and do the best we can under unbelievable circumstances. Most people I know sleep well at night knowing they are well protected 24/7 365. So are our allies.

Covid will never end like we think. Variants should come and go for the next 50 years just like the seasonal flu. Stay safe.

I’m sorry Craig, I tend to look at the ratio of declared objectives/objectives achieved.

Look, this isn’t the place to discuss the stupidity of defence spending in UK, USA and Australia. Send me a friend request and we’ll take it outside of the forum.

My point is that “we” (the so-called “advanced” nations) spend trillions on the military and yet, when there is a world stopping event (like c-19), we spend comparatively nothing.

Very kind regards to you and all veterans,


No worries, thank you my friend. Political views have no business in the forums.

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UPDATE to original posting:

Excerpt:The results of the study mean that molnupiravir could be authorized for emergency use by the end of the year. If cleared by regulators, the drug would be the first oral antiviral for Covid-19. Molnupiravir would become a kind of Tamiflu for Covid-19, a medication that can be dispensed to patients when they first develop symptoms, slowing the spread of the virus in the body and potentially preventing people from becoming seriously ill. “The ability to take what is a devastating disease like Covid-19 and potentially make it a manageable situation through what is a very convenient round of administration, which is an oral pill you can take at home, has important implications for the ability to manage the ongoing pandemic,” [Merck CEO Rob Davis said to the Wall Street Journal]. Alan25main

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Just everyone take the shot.