Possibility to mark players which i don't want to play and not showing the tables they are currently playing in the list

Hi Replay Developers,

I would appreciate a function were i could mark a Player as one I don’t want to Play with.

Tables where those Players are currently playing should not appear in the list of the Lobby.

Best regards


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Welcome to the forum, The_Bavarian. Good to have you in the conversation, and interesting idea here!

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Some people wouldn’t be playing much if that was implemented …Giggles :wink:

I was not talking about not to let them play - just a kind of filter for Persons i don’t want to play with, for any reason. You could call it nonefriend list. Or just a sign in the Lobby list when such a Player is currently playing at a table.

if you select the table from the lobby drop down you can see who’s on it before you open or join.


Thanks for the hint - i already new that. This means i have to remember all Players i don’t want to Play with. So actually i have to create my own list (Excel, etc.) of unwanted players and compare it. So the possibility of an unwanted list of Players (opposite friends liest) and a filter for tables only without unwanted players could solve this easily.

wow, how many people do you not want to play with?

Could backfire you might not see any games available for you…just sayn

And, even if there are no players to avoid when you sit down, there’s no way to prevent them from joining you in progress. This is a no-win situation.


This might seem a little trivial to some but I totally get the request. I would propose a system where players can be added to a frienemies/trolls list. I have meet many players that are simply irritating trolls. I know from interaction they like to troll, irritate others, and get a rise out of causing mischief. I usually just mute them. It would be great if we could permanently mute them. I currently have my setting to mute all chat as default simply bc of a few trolls which isn’t a big deal, but its a little bothersome.

As a frienemy maybe they could appear like friends in ring games etc.

My personal opinion is give more power to the players to moderate themselves and moderation will become a lot easier.


This is a good idea. My thoughts exactly. I have replied to OP earlier without reading further.

Yes that’s true. We simply want a system to avoid trolls etc, BUT can’t expect to stop them joining you.

You can look at a table before you enter and if someone appears at a table you can leave…

I fail to see any issue…

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I agree with Dog,better yet give us the option to put a block on players so they won’t know when or where we are playing…just a thought

Almost everyone knows this already. It’s been mentioned already in this thread. PLEASE read before trying to contribute. We are looking to make: Suggestions & Feedback - and possible improve replaypoker.com

The OP already knows this too. Please don’t mention how the current system works like we don’t know. This is Suggestions & Feedback NOT I’m a noob looking for technical help on how the current system works. Many of us feel replay poker could be improved. If your happy with the current system that’s great for you. :slight_smile:


This is also a good idea. I know of a player that constantly gets stalked by a player. I have seen it a little myself BUT it was also mentioned on the players profile. The stalker waits for the stalkey to go online and start a game and joins. The stalker is basically a nice troll lol. The player getting stalked mostly just ignores and puts up with it, but still its got to be irritating.

The only issue i see is that replay doesn’t want everyone hiding etc. There would need to be specific limits etc. I’m thinking similar to the option to change user names once for free by email. Email replay poker and request a player be put on a block list.