Pop-up table with priority

Can u make that, when its my turn, window or tab on wich is game pop up in front of all others tab or windows that are currently opened. Its great thing that can speed up the game.

I think this isn’t possible, as there is a limitation as to what you can do with the browser. But I’ll check with the developers.

That’s correct.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible as the browsers don’t allow any webpage to do it in order to prevent abuse.

thanks for your reply guys and all the best

Can you make it, like a flashing outline in the table? Flashing here, change color from blue to red and back to blue? or something, may user can set up these colors.

Can be implement this?


blue ( not the best choice of color , just example)


Black is satisfying, thanks

Would be black as default, just switching between two colors when your turn, ofc, can be set up by user.

ok, I thought u kidding :slight_smile: … I have no opinion about colors