Pop up ads

I am getting a tremendous amount of ads from someone called BETTER SURF - is this something that Replay is doing very annoying and cant see all of screen

It probably is your windows/spyware or addon what you have installed with some freeware (many free antiviruses got some stuff what pops annoying stuff up).

I think separi right… When Paul bought up RP, we have discussion about pop up ads, and he said he not worried lose them becouse the income from it so low. I think adds free site can bring more users… in a long run.

Yeah, if you’re seeing ANY sort of ads on Replay Poker, then I can assure you that they’re not coming from us. We have a strict NO advertising policy. We hate them as much as you do!

I think separi is right, it sounds like you’ve caught some sort of adware/spyware. These install on your browser and certain things trigger the ads, maybe a word on the page. I suggest you install something like Microsoft’s Security Essentials, it’s free and should be able to detect and get rid of the spam: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download