Poll: Replay Poker Future Options

I think it would be improved if rankings were calculated ignoring purchased chips. Every time there is a special deal promoted I lose approx 50 ranking positions when obviously loads of people buy millions of chips and I never do.


What do you propose should be the standard for ranking players ? I don’t like the number system for chip count either but I proposed win percentage vs hands played 7 years ago and you know how that went …,

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I guess there are lots of ways to do it. For example:

  • total chips in bank less all purchased chips since membership and daily freebies,
  • tournament points won,
  • average tier achieved in tournaments (e.g. in percentage terms so 10% would mean on average you finish 10th in a tournament of 100. Ranks would be based on the percentages)

I would prefer a measurement based on tournaments only ignoring cash games but I guess some of the current lowest rank players are very aggressive successful cash game players?

How do they do it in the real poker world? I think they use tournament dollars won?

I know this is an old chestnut so I don’t expect any change will happen.

@dos-rios @JanCee

I may be wrong about this but, before the major change a couple of years ago from Flash to HTML, wasn’t there a bell sound when it was your turn?

It also had a bell when the time clock was about to expire as now.

In fact, I think there’s a sound when it’s your turn to play–or if you’ve delayed playing, perhaps–maybe that’s the only sound, the warning that your turn is almost up. I do know there’s a sound. Thanks for making me think about this a little more.

Also, I think there was a bell sound when the game started. Maybe there still is, I haven’t played in a few days.

That’s true–there is. :slight_smile:

If i must act then i hear the bell for it only if the table-window is not the active window, while multitabling or doing things on lobby,…

I strongly encourage the site to display players’ profit/loss. It’s a very simple calculation: current balance minus sum of chips purchased (if any) and daily bonuses. Not only would it let players know how they’re doing (if they aren’t keeping track), but it would also reveal the site’s worst donkeys. Profit/loss can be displayed both as a percentage and in chips. They could also reform the ranking system in accordance with this, but I’m less interested in that than I am in seeing players’ profit/loss.

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I’d like the option to play blackjack or slots while I’m waiting on a table.

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People don’t need to know my stats,when u sit down at a casino u know NOTHING about the other players. that crap doesn’t make for a more enjoyable game for alot of players on here IMO,… Give me something that makes the game more fun or interesting.
I would like to be able to show one card when the play is down to 2 players at ring games,just to keep your opponent guessing or to show an awesome fold …toss in a few emotes lol. The forum posters are mostly tourny players? maybe that’s why stats are important to them? idk not important to me

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MTTs and SNGs also. Sounds like fun to me.

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I think free drinks and massages would certainly improve my enjoyment. I’m hoping that Replay starts comping me hotel rooms. Presidential Suite preferably. I’d also like tickets to see the Rat Pack.


I’d settle for a free ticket to the Buffet in the lobby :joy:

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