Poll: Fifth Playing Suit

There was once a fifth playing card suit – eagles! Read more about it here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/75746/was-once-fifth-playing-card-suit

What do you think? Would you play a game with a 65-card deck comprising of five suits?

  • Yes
  • No

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Chasetheriver thinks Royal would benefit most from an extra suit – with a 25-card deck, you could play 9-handed.

While we aren’t adding a fifth suit on Replay, we’re still curious about what you think! Share your thoughts below. :slight_smile:


My mother was a great believer in that you should try everything once. Hence I am an only child…


Lol Grapevine, I voted yes it would be a new challenge.



I’ll be darned. I’ve casually collected playing card decks for years and have never heard of this before. I’ll let some friends from “Fifty-two Plus Joker” (a playing-card collecting club) know about it.
As to actually playing poker with such a deck, I’d be willing to try it, but doubt it would catch on.
When Mike Caro introduced his four-color deck in the early 90s (there were other, earlier, attempts to make four-color decks popular through ads in the back pages of magazines as early as the 60s that I remember, but Caro’s effort was well publicized and supported by numerous casinos), I played a few hands with it at it’s unveiling at the first World Finals at Foxwoods in Connecticut. I even have a picture somewhere of myself and the first “blue” flush dealt that was actually blue. It was VERY difficult to tell the suits apart at 7-stud across the table–and my eyes were 20+ years younger then. I suspect tradition and player comfort will dictate against regular use of such a five suit deck, but it could be fun as a novelty.
Neat historical note, either way. Thanks.


i think standard no limit hold’em will be my favorite forever.
but it sounds like a fun idea to add something totally different like that.
agreed on the royal theory as well.

edit: curious what the 5th suit would be and which color :grin:

blue Eagles

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It would definitely be beneficial for Royal. It would be much more challenging, the strategies would all change, and I for one would love to try it.


I just got this reply from one of the officers of 52 + Joker (I added emphasis and light editing):
OK ‘25main, you are correct in all your contentions re 65 card decks, and usage of multi-colored suited decks whether we’re talking 4 or 5 suits comprising the deck of interest. The official purpose for introducing multi-colored suits is related almost solely to the game of Bridge. There is a term which explains its purpose - Non-Revoke. Bridge (and other social card games) relies upon a chosen/established trump suit during the play of ones’ hand during the course of an individual dealt hand subsequent to bidding and identification of a trump suit. (Interestingly enough, there is definitely no relationship whatsoever to the name of the sitting POTUS of the USA here).
Thanks for sending this interesting read along to yours truly. Maybe next time I can show you up-close an example or two of this type of playing card deck.
Bob in LV.

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Anxious to sit at a Royal Blue poker table. Interesting thread.

I would play a game …but maybe not two :relaxed:

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Gonna have to go with either Midnight or Kelly Green Eagles…

i see there is already an agreement on the eagles :grin:

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Didn’t anyone click the link fiizzymint posted at the start of this thread and read the article? It says US Playing Card Co. introduced this deck some time ago, the fifth suit was eagles, and the color was blue. Personally, I’d have made the fifth suit Swords and colored them gold, if anyone had consulted me (except I wasn’t yet born then). But four suits seems to work pretty well, so I’m content with the status quo.

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good point, haven’t noticed. watched it just now. :+1:

Would hate to see my Royal Flush get trumped by five of a kind.


I wonder which suit we could do away with? I never seem to be able to hit a club flush. Another thread one day maybe?

I’m trying to imagine Omaha Hi/Lo with a 65 card pack. I think it could enhance Omaha Hi but would destroy the lo aspect. Might be fun to try though.

Anything new should be exiting

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Always had Hope that Replay would start a new Version of Poker…

I would definitely find the new odds challenging. It is always interesting to have other options than the accepted norm, though they aren’t always much fun :slight_smile: