Poker Wisdom - Simple Poker Rules (that have improved your game)

What has helped improve your poker game the most?
There are many rules in poker. Rules are meant to be broken though. I learnt a lot from a few players that were particularly valuable. Some are very simply like the ABC song or days in each month song - very educational.

I have 3 that helped improve my game that are very memorable & easy like ABC or 123.

1.C_______________ (a friend would say this often in ring game)
2.C_______________ (same friend would say this)
3.P_______________ (a diff friend also mentioned this)

These rules were very easy ABC but certainly not the best.

I was really just a decent aggressive noob (or new born baby) whilst i was absorbing this poker wisdom. Despite hearing them it took a while to understand, learn & implement them.

Whats your most memorable, simple or valuable Poker Rules, Tips you can offer?

I have 3 secret memorable & definately valuable basics tips I will reveal if mentioned otherwise daily starting at 3.

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