Poker Training

I am really enjoying playing the Omaha HiLo promotion because it’s fun learning a new style of poker. So, I wanted to say the promotion is a great idea, and you should do more promotions with variants other than NL Texas Hold’em. So, that’s suggestion #1.

The only problem with this promotion is that clearly nobody at the table understands how to play Omaha. They bet big preflop with awful hands or just limp, but in the end the pots get huge. It is easy to win at Hold’em against all of these limpers and players who overvalue their hands, but in Omaha it ruins the game because there is so much variance that it just becomes a bingo game. My suggestion, therefore, is that Replay provide some resources or make existing resources more visible to players so that they can get a better sense of the strategy involved in playing winner poker. Perhaps you could put out some guides or short videos. I know the chips are free so a lot of people would ignore it, but maybe raising the standard of play even slightly would make for a more enjoyable experience.

To illustrate my point, I realized from the bingo that was occurring that the optimal strategy for the Omaha promotion was to fold every single hand except premium hands. I ended up finishing in the top half in all 6 tournaments I have played, and in 3 of those tournaments I did so without having won a single pot. It is pretty boring to just sit there and watch everyone eliminate each other with ridiculous bets.

preach brother,

I personally don’t understand omaha that well, i know the hand rankings etc but i’m a serious fish compared to my “skills” in holdem. But from the few tourneys i did play in i definitely noticed the bingo factor for this game mode. I keep trying to bluff people off of hands in what in hold em would be decent spots, dry board etc, but bluffing doesnt seem to work at all. I gave up quite early and just moved to a 40k chips buy in nlhe cash game