Poker Time outs

Why are some people think they need to constantly or purposely time out on the tables when others have already bet? every round they do this?? what is their point other annoying the table?
Also I do not undeerstand the endorsements what does each mean helping hand poker pro etc I do not chat

You don’t have to chat if you don’t want to but the endorsements are for recognizing player achievements at your table which is nice and you get awarded chips for your acknowledgement of them Instantly and monthly chip award’s. Try it sometime…


Some people play multiple tables at once and so the delay may be because they’re acting on another table.

Endorsements–When I give them
Poker Pro–For nice plays, like a check-raise, a trap, a well-executed slow play, good strategic bet, nice bluff.
Good Sport–Handling a bad beat well, complementing good play by others.
Helping Hand–Patient with new players, answers questions, positivity in general.


Thank you!

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