Poker Table does not appear when trying to join game

I am trying to join a poker game, AMAZONIANFOREST. When I click on “Quick Play” a blank screen comes up. This is normal. On the blank screen a poker table displays after a few seconds. For the past few days this has not happened. The blank screen stays blank. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on what I need to do to fix? Thank you.

Hi dumbbell, I have had that problem in the past and it was flash, so I had to download chrome browser and once downloaded it installed the proper flash, If you still cant get on a table with the browser you are using try using I would try playing using chrome. Hope this helps… Doll :slight_smile:

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Definitely sounds like Flash is the culprit! If you’re continuing to have issues, could you please write to us at We’ll be able to identify which browser you’re using and give you specific steps as to how to fix it. :slight_smile:

Someone here (Grapevine I think) suggested I try Slimjet when I was having Flash problems.
It immediately solved my issues and I use it whenever Chrome is giving me problems.
I would use it all the time but it won’t replay/save a hand for some reason.