Poker table chat box

Will a microphone work to dictate conversations to text instead of terrible/slow typists struggling to keep up and not miss an important hand?

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That would be great,but to expensive i belive!!

Expensive for whom? Replay or a player?

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Those who can…do! Those who can’t…teach! Nuff said!

You need software on your computer to convert voice to text. I use Dragon ( speaking naturally ) . It’s $199.00 US dollars . I haven’t tried it for the chat box but I will this week and let you know :+1:t2:

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Okay, thank you. I heard from support staff and they told me there isn’t code built in to support a mic. But if yours does connect, please advise…

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WTF are you rambling about?

Will do :+1:t2:

Thanks. I meant for the WTF are u rambling to go to: Area51mutant. Besides the reply he sent, there were a few more, very strange and way off point. Oh well…

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I suppose I could verbally reply to word pad and then cut & paste in chat box, but that would be an extra step taking my attention away from the game…

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I just tried it for you, it’s not compatible. Sorry !
Yes doing it that way defeats the purpose.

Okeydoke then. Thanks for your time…

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You’re welcome!

Players, I need your support: I’m pretty sure I’m not the only slow/frustrated typist trying to be social having to type instead of ‘talking’ while playing in virtual card games. For me, being a LOUSY typist, distracts me from the game and I either end up losing a hand or ‘sitting out’. So, for all you gals & guys that dislike typing please show your support by replying and asking Replay to add microphone use just like any standard chat window. With enough supporters, Replay might be immediately swayed to add coding for speech to text at the table chat box. Thank you very much!

you might still lose a hand trying to keep up with reading all the text…

Pss, hi, please tell me where the chat for newbies is here)))

Hi, ben. Welcome. You’ve found one of the ways we can "talk’ to each other right here in the Forums. We can also chat live at the tables during play. We can always contact Support through the question-mark icon on your profile page, or a Moderator. If you’ve become someone’s friend, the two of you can exchange PMs (Private Messages). So, there are plenty of options for contact, and you can participate in anything that’s not private.

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