Poker quotes vs daily quotes?

just curious, i saw a few weeks ago the daily quotes thread is chopped into 2 different threads.
the original one (daily quotes) was from a player idea to add quotes to the daily quotes from player if they were chosen by replay. but the same players topic seems to be moved to the poker quotation thread. but her point was to makesome quotes reach the DAILY quotes. since it doesn’t make sense to me anymore, i have a few questions:
1: why is the thread chopped?
2: what content fits in which thread?
3: are quotes still being chosen?
4: anything else i need to know?

The two quotes threads have been split to form any lighthearted quotes unrelated to poker and as such are in off topic, and quotes such as your latest one which are poker specific and as such are in the poker discussion thread. Hope that answers your question.


answered mine, I was curious as well :slight_smile:

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ty 4 the information so far.
how about question 3 and 4?

edit: besides of my questions, i like to add a suggestion as well:
assuming quotes are still chosen, isn’t it a better idea to change the name from poker quotations to daily poker quotations. same theory still applies in the name, but you add the part in the name for which the thread was created in the first place.
as for the other thread, it’s still named daily quotes. but since it’s a poker site, i assume there aren’t any non poker related quotes added, but the name suggest that’s the only stuff that will be added instead of the other way around.

edit 2: just thought of another suggestion:
i think it would be a good idea to add your information to both of the topics, that way players who aren’t familiar to those threads yet will also know right away what it’s for.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

We have been tidying up the forums and the Daily Quotes topic had become a mish-mash of both poker and non-poker quotes. For folks who want to use poker quotes, having a separate topic under Poker Discussion category makes it much easier to find the specific type of quote. The same is true for the non-poker daily quotes in the Off Topic category. They are easier to find and read.

“Poker quotations” is an accurate description of the contents. We haven’t used the poker quotes for the Daily Quote carousel for quite some time. It is now used more as a resource for everyone who enjoys a good quote related to poker.

Thanks for your suggestions. We appreciate them and are always glad to hear your ideas. :slight_smile:


thank you for the information.
sorry to hear quotes aren’t going to be added anymore, maybe another time again then.
yw, and nice to hear u appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

I do pull them for our newsletter! Keep an eye on it. :wink:

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