Poker quotations


No prayer is as sincere as those at the final table


the right amount of buy-ins in your bankroll management is very important: if you use 1/30, you are using good bankroll management. 1/20 and you do it acceptable. 1/10 and you are greedy. 1/5 and you are stupid. and when using 1/1, i really want to play with you, this because you are obviously in a hurry to throw all your money out of the window.


have another one: the skill part in poker means much more then just strategies. it is about strategies. math. psychology. bankroll management. patience. self knowledge. being realistic. having fun. and most important, combining all those things together at the same time, at all time. this because lacking in even one of those things can mean the difference of being a winning or a losing player. and even all those things mean much more then you might think they do.

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have another one: luck is the friend of the fish and the enemy of the shark.


everyone here knows that replaypoker use fake money, but not many know it’s also like implied odds for REAL money. play more here and you get experience in poker, the more experience the better you get, the better you get the more chips you get. and the better you are the more you can win in real money poker.


“Why do the pushing when the donkey does the pulling?” -Common poker quote about donks.

“Telling a white lie is like firing a buff; you don’t know if I’m honest.” -aoeu

“When I buff, I try to tell a story. When I have a monster hand, I try to tell the same story. That is how I deceive my opponents into making the bad play and entertain them enough to come back to lose more.” -aoeu

“I don’t know which is harder: playing against a loose aggressive, or playing with computer lag.” -aoeu

“Don’t try to buff me 'cause I can see through you c-bets.” -aoeu

“If you’re getting drowned by buffs, trying making a float.” -aoeu

“Be aggressive if you have a big stick. But don’t start fights if you have a weak hand.” -aoeu


No matter how complicated something is, when looked at the right way… becomes far more complicated.


"If I’m not rivered, I’m kickered "


When i bluff, and just hope hard enough i will win, then i lose.
When i bluff, and expect i will win, then i win.

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bluffing is like farting in public …sooner or later someone will sniff you out…

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just only fold, unless you have a reason not to. do not play the other way around.


It is a shame we can’t see those good lay downs lol.
"poker is like sex…sometimes its good and sometimes it’s not :blush:


Playing poker and going to church are similar, since both involve frequent gatherings at the river.
Richard Bailly

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hahahahahaha…tks for my laugh of the day :slight_smile:


tree timess
hold on on suite


just thought of several new quotes:

always play the right play to the right player.


to win from weak players, know how to play monsters, and how to fold weak hands.
to win from strong players, know how to play weak hands, and how to fold monsters.


trust yourself but know when to take advises.


everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you adapt them what makes the difference.