Poker player, Gambler and Human Nature

What lies within? “You cannot keep out what is already within “…ad catch for 2016 film ‘Within’.

The ‘true’ Poker players of the world will concur that skill in many areas is what makes a good player and they will also attest that the Gambler always loses in the end because they Never, Ever, ever learn anything whilst they play, always with the dollar signs in their eyes and the ‘luck’ on their side as their tools of trade.

As a qualified adult trainer, it astounds me how they never learn, as most trainers will tell you – an action/phrase done, repeated between 1 – 21 times is usually how long it takes for people to know it. So I ask myself why do they never learn, when they watch others at a table? (if in fact they do watch…because maybe they don’t?) Smoke and mirrors…possibly. :stuck_out_tongue:

There has to come a time when we ask ourselves what is and what is not Human Nature.

What is learnt, what is known, what is instinctive, what is right, what is wrong, what is good and what is bad…because it appears from what I can see is that all of everything is classed and accepted as Human Nature…in walks Free will – free choice. Howdy folks!!

With myself I have had to accept that as a human watching other humans and the despicable things they do to each other must mean I have that capability inside of me too…I accept that but I choose not to act upon it, I choose to balance that side of me by my love of vampire movies, action films, books…through the arts and entertainment…not through taking it out on other humans.

In Poker when an abusive incessant gambler thinking he is on a winning streak or just bluffing for the heck of it – bully move drags in other players and makes them lose a stack to another player, not the gambler – that just won them a ticket out the side door of any tournament. Why? Because you just put a target on your back and the players have precision aim. As the players would say – please by all means, keep building the pot for us…so word to the Gamblers, if you want to win – learn something. Happy to provide windscreen wipers for the eyes…should the dollar signs get in the way.
How do you as a player balance your ‘dark’ side at the table and in life? For me it is Poker League table.

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oh…you can learn a lot about poker - poke her from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, players at the tables use the Donk player/slayer method all the time, it’s definitely a lot of fun. :stuck_out_tongue: I dare the ‘players’ to disagree with how much fun it is when we sniff out a Gambler and slay their butts. Some might say too much fun…but you can never have too much fun or can you?
P.S. The ‘kicker’…there is nothing free about ‘freewill’ or ‘free choice’, there is always a price to pay - call it the ‘buy in’ and every action causes a reaction, sadly the Gamblers always act like they didn’t see it coming when the kick hits them in the face, players be like der. :stuck_out_tongue:

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