Poker Play for 24 Hours

Has anyone ever gotten so wrapped up in playing poker, that before they knew it, 24 hours has passed? I did that once when I first joined Replay Poker. I was having so much fun, the time got away from me and I did not want to quit. However, I have not done it again since. I paid for it the next day.


Not quite in the 24 hours league but have several times burned the dinner and forgotten to turn the vegetables down and ruined my best pans! Worst was totally losing myself in a MTT when supposed to be teaching a dance class!


Lol. I thought playing for 24 hours straight was bad. You have that beat by a long shot. Thank you for sharing.


I haven’t done 24 hours straight, but… The first 7 months that I was here, I somehow woke up every 4 hours to play any stud / stud h/l game that was available in Freerolls. It took me a while to realize that I could buy in any tournament that I wanted. I also paid for it the next day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have played many hours in a day several time’s but not 24. Did have to work at the plant on a project for 36 hr’s though, then slept 19 hr’s and felt terrible, when I awoke lol.

I can believe that. That is a lot of hours to work at one time. After working that much time, it just doesn’t seem like any amount of sleep helps. Thank you for sharing.

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Well, I am a man who can stay awake for a long time, in my 20s I worked a 40 hour week night shift and attended a full time college course in the daylight hours and partied like a mother the rest of the time, and as the headline of the papers (daily mail) stated, in the second world war, The Battle of Britain was won by methedrine (speed)
When I hurt my back in 2003 I was laid up for ages and took up poker online, I played constantly and became obsessed I read everything to get better (after I lost a lot) and I did get better. I had played lots of card games before but online is a different animal.
So yes played many times 24 hours or more many many times :slight_smile:
As an aside, I worked with a Spanish guy who had been a bit of a naughty boy in his earlier life but a social worker when I met him, he talked of a poker game on the beach for massive stakes, the game basically never ended and folk did not leave the table when they needed the toilet, they just moved the table when the smell got too much :slight_smile: Make love not war