Poker Names

Hi Pilot, thanks for the compliment. The time it takes varies. I think the quickest time was about two hours and the longest about 14 hours. The majority are in the 4-6 hour range…

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Also one of my favorites

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Thank you Pilot. That was very nice of you to acknowledge our reasoning for the names. A real class act. I really appreciated it.


Hi jedwins. Thank you for your friend’s request. I would very much like to talk to you about what type of games do you play with the Cobra Chickens. I can’t even imagine. Talk to you soon.

Hi Igotsquat. That is so obviously telling, but I know you don’t lose everytime you play or is that your strategy to fool everyone into thinking that your poker hands are not good and then you lower the boom on them and win the pot. Either way, I like it.

Hi -snowman. You are welcome. The hours it takes to make them just amazes me. You have the patience like no other person that I know. All the time that you put into your work on the snow schulptures, definitely shows by how beautiful they are. I know I could not sit that long working on anything. I would be frustrated after the first half hour.

Hi Rbravo. You are welcome and thank you for the compliment. It is greatly appreciated.

Again, I thank you all for your responses on this topic.


I played on the same club Ultimate Frisbee team for many years. Our captain was older than me, but I was always dishing out unsolicited advice… surprise, surprise. So they affectionately began teasing me with the nickname “younguru.”

Since I also offer unsolicited advice while playing poker, I thought the name fit :smiley:


those sculptures are so cool!



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Hi Younguru. That name definitely fits the experience you had with the Frisbee Club. I agree with you. Those sculptures are really awesome.

I’m a retired professional chemical engineer that specialized in water and wastewater treatment for over 55 years. Hence h2opro.

I stole my name from these guys :slight_smile:

No not Zona Arizona lol. I use to lived in Phoenix so I just used the latter half of the word Arizona
for my Poker name which is zona

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I just looked at what I wrote and it was my fault, I did not write it correctly.
I used the latter half of the word Arizona which would be zona. So I just corrected it.

Hi h2opro. That is a perfect name for the career you had. Thank you for your response.

Hi swamptrash. I guess I am nieve, but are they a musical group? If so, I have not heard of them before and they have a very unusual record cover.

Hi Zona1. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I am glad you took the time to explain that better to me. That is an unusual name. Thank you for following up on that point.

There are more ways to come about a poker name than I could ever have imagined. The players on RP are very creative.

Hi Pilot
The band only played together for a short time couple of years, and were probably mostly known only in the U.K, but the live gigs were wild and fondly remembered, it was the late 80s )

Pilot I played Little League and my Father was also an umpire for a very long time. So I always gave them the respect they deserved. Thank you for helping out the little ball players and teaching them the rules of Baseball.

I had a bar called Dik Trom Thats a funny guy who sat backwards on a donkey

I always wanted to be a technical guru. Master of knowledge. But … have fallen short. So I became a Hi Tech (technical) Wannabe. Still trying to increase my knowledge of whatever I come across. Never to late to learn.

My screen name and avatar are just a nod to Neil and Janis. :wink: :notes:

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hoi Pilot
my name is Harry, so in the alfabet as a pilot you know that H = Hotel
got a lot of comments; are there rooms free?, roomservice, etc
and i was a pilot too

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When I was playing Carribean Stud Poker, I was always one card away from making good money. That is why the name onecardsteve

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