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My name is Daan, I am 16 years old and i live in The Netherlands.
I have been playing poker for a few weeks now and i can say that i learned the basics but still i am quiet new to the game and i think there is so much more to it, there must be so much that i dont know about poker…yet!

I am searching for a good and experienced poker player who can speak englisch or dutch (and has Skype)
to learn me all he/she knows about poker!


hey daan,

i am yiazmat and my real name is mitchel. i’m from the netherlands as well and i’m 22 years

first of all i like to mention i don’t have skype, but i’m quite often on the forums here and like to help people with their strategy. usually i log in at least daily, but because i’m in a quite busy period it might be i miss a few days.

i don’t know your personal playing style yet, but considering you started a few weeks ago i assume it will be best to start sticking with basic strategy (ABC poker). it might sound easy at first, but “simple” ABC poker will already make you beat more then 99% of this site.
to get you started try a tight agressive style. which means you try to fold the most hands, but raise your strong hands. and strong hands are usually hands like an ace with a strong kicker (kickers are the secondary cards) and medium to big pairs. usually i’m not a fan of limping (calling the blinds), but with small pairs and suited connectors it can often be profitable since they work well multi way (against many players), while big cards or big pairs usually work best HU or short handed (against few players). but if you’re unsure whether to call or not, you’re often better off folding or raising, and if you really don’t know i would stick to folding.
when playing postflop there are many many more things to consider, but to get started, start with fit or fold poker (meaning you play when you have a hand and you don’t when you miss). when you start getting a feel for it you can start trying to play your opponent from time to time but straightforward play should still be your base.
when you think you mastered tight aggressive play you should start to consider position and hand reading (which are both major parts of your strategy as well), but i’ll keep that one for later because i don’t mean to give you a landslide of information :slight_smile:.

another important part is BRM (bankroll management). which means you only use a small part of the chips/money you have. i think the most common one is using max 1/20 for cashgames. 1/30 for SnG’s and 1/50 for MTT’s. after you are doing this a while you could decide if you like to tighten or loosen this up. but if you choose to loosen this up i need to warn you you increase your RoR (risk of ruin) meaning you could lose your entire roll easier. i have had 140 million chips once, but because of extreme bad luck i lost a lot, but got in tilt as well combined with poor BRM, which is sort of a poker killing cocktail :slight_smile:. so it resulted in mlosing almost all my chips. but if i would have controlled my BRM i would have lost a chunk of my chips but i could eventually get out of it and just win it all back and more.
long story short: no matter how good you will be, with poor BRM you will lose it sooner or later.

if you like to hear about some specific parts of teh game feel free to ask as well.
and if you like some more personal advise, try to post some hand replays in here, that way i and the other people here can analyse them and point out the parts of improvement.

i hope this helps, if not feel free to ask.
gl on the tables


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First thing I would suggest is that you google holdem starting hands. Some of these sites will give you not only the eight groups but basic strategies for playing.

There is no magic book, video, or mentor that can replace actual experience. Learn the basics, which I’m sure you know. Hand ranks. Next is learn basic odds, chance of getting flush, straight, full houses, and two pair. I don’t mean memorize, get a cheat sheet with the odds. It might keep you from chasing.

We all go through the golden ace stage. Fight the urge to think any ace a winner. It isn’t. Same for the pocket aces. They can and do loose.

Be able to calculate odds. Nothing exact. Remember the rule of 4 + 2. After flop, odds of getting the one card you need is outs times 4. After turn, odds are 2 times odds. It isn’t exact but will keep you playing smart.


Hi Daan and welcome to Replay Poker!

There is a lot to learn about Poker and I agree with yiazmat’s advice, start by learning basic ABC Poker as well as position at the Poker table.

I also wanted to mention that Replay Poker has a blog that provides some great information for beginning players like premium starting hands , bankroll management etc feel free to check out the blog at

The forum is also a great place to have your hands reviewed and get feedback from other players.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!



Look up “the links library” thread here on the forum pages. There are links to great sites and tools there. The first post there is a good place to start as it covers a great range of stuff. Some of the other posts are links to free download books by top pro players. There is also a really good odds calculator on there.
Good Luck

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had to smile Seville…but sorry, poker is NOT as rewarding…IMHO

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Dude you don’t need a mentor, read all you can for free on the internet and play all you can for free on the internet