Poker Lingo

When I say “poker lingo,” I’m referring to such words as chasing, fast play, monster, river trap, wheel and wired, just to name a few. I did not realize just how much poker lingo there is. I found at least 94 words used as poker lingo. These words are
used on the tables daily. The question is this: How many players actually know what these words mean, and how do you feel about them being used by players on your table?


The more important question is, “Do they know how to play each of these hands?” On Replay it’s so rare for people to even respond to a “nice hand” that I will be shocked whenever I see anyone use “Poker Lingo”. In my opinion, if you do hear it alot, whether on a free site, an online casino, or a live casino, the player using it is a fish, and terminology and most poker basics are as far along as they are. They can say the words, but…


I want to learn to play better, and I’m aware that bet size is my next area of study. To date, because I’m afraid I can’t analyze probability and calculate a my bet accordingly fast enough, I just wing it. Here’s an example of technical jargon that spins my head a bit:


How do you size a poker bet?

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The 8 Bet Sizing Rules

  1. Increase your preflop raise size when there is a weak player in the blinds.
  2. 3-bet larger preflop when you will be out of position postflop.
  3. Bet small (25-35% pot) on dry, static board textures.
  4. Bet pretty large (55-80% pot) on wet, dynamic board textures.

Fuhgetaboutit is the word I use most often on the tables here :joy: you know what I’m sayin? …

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Jan, I’d be confused too if there were only four bet sizing rules under the caption “8 Bet Sizing Rules”. :wink:


Ahh then, thank you for that! Misery loves company.

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I would guess I know what most of them mean, but they keep adding new ones as understanding of the game grows, and there are “regional” words that only make sense if you live where they use them.

I don’t mind lingo being used at the table at all. It would be strange if poker lingo wasn’t being used. If you go to a horse show, you hear, “Nice use of leg in that half-halt!” and, “Great collection before that flying lead change!” Most complicated activities have their own lingo, why would poker be any different?

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Poker lingo changes all the time with the introduction of these young kids on the tournament circuit from all over the world. Hard to keep up. It’s like all theses texting shortcuts…,

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