Poker Intuition

Is human intuition a real thing?
Have you had it and to what degree?
Is intuition generally stronger in females?
Have you ever made poker decisions based on intuition?

noun perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.
2. a fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way.
3. a keen and quick insight.

^^ was from another topic, but …
I think intuition is real, I have some, it might be, and yes… yes I have.
Having said that, blind guess’s are right some of the time too …
( the real quote might get sensored , hahahahahaha )

@Whittaker, is it possible that after long periods of exposure to certain situations… instant reasoning without independent thought occurs, and could mimic intuition ?


I don’t know but there are times I freak myself out while staring at the screen, visualizing a card and it turns up…especially something like a straight flush!

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Of course it is, it’s been conclusively demonstrated. In 1 study, new mothers were separated from their infants. When the baby got hungry and cried, the mother started producing milk, even though they were miles apart. This is a “direct perception” and it’s " independent of any reasoning process." This and many other studies suggest intuition is a real thing.

Yes, and have been training it for a long time. If I told you to what degree, you might burn me as a witch.

Sort of, maybe. I suspect intuition is largely based on emotion. Women generally relate to emotional information better than men. Many men find that the barrage of “logic” information from the cerebral cortex “drowns out” the emotional data being processed in the amygdala.

So while the same data might be there equally, women are generally better able to access it. I would guess this has to do with evolution and traditional gender roles in raising children.

I sure have! I’ve made a few preflop decisions based on intuition, but you usually have other info too.Later in the hand, you always have some sort of other info, so it’s hard to say how much intuition plays a role. I make more when I listen to it than when I don’t,

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I almost typed that exact same thought, using nearly the same wording, in the other thread.

Sassy, “instant reasoning” doesn’t exist, at least not in men. “Reasoning” is a process which takes time and can’t be instant. If it was instant, there wouldn’t be any thought of any kind, dependent, independent, or otherwise.

“is it possible that after long periods of exposure to certain situations…” Well there you go. When women reason, they will process mostly environmental/emotional type information. Since this is being processed in real time, always, it is “instant” or close to it. Men can do this too, just not as easily.

This doesn’t mimic intuition, it IS intuition.

OK here,…a man will get up and see what all that banging is about almost as soon as Little Johnny starts nailing the cat to the wall.

A woman will wonder why Little Johnny has been so quiet for the last 15 minutes, get up, and catch Little Johnny with a cat in one hand and a hammer in the other. One of those eyebrow moves will send Johnny running, save the cat, and maybe a good wall too!

The man and woman have the same info, but they process differently, was all I was sayin.


The human brain has evolved to recognize patterns so much of what people call intuition is more likely the result of recognizing subtle patterns and that is a reasoning process even though it seems to happen subconsciously.

Holdem is all about recognizing patterns of hands and betting and player styles.

An advanced player will recognize patterns in players betting and play style and capitalize on that and they can also misdirect other players using common betting patterns.

More advanced players will mix up their betting and play style so opponents cant recognize patterns to capitalize on.


Yes I believe in it.
Yes, I have it.

I’ve played hands in a cash game without looking when I “felt” it was a good hand and won. Only 1/2 and not very often.

I will sit at a Blackjack table and tell other players they are going to get a Blackjack the next turn and they do. No one ever believes me, lol. I will generally “know” due to certain physical feelings that I am going to get a good hand playing Blackjack and my correctness is well over 95%.

It’s not something i can control. It works when it wants to. I don’t manage my life by the feelings I get, but it’s fun to test them while playing games.

And driving. My wife’s first experience was when I slowed down on the Interstate instead of passing a semi. She asked why I did, and all I could say was that I didn’t trust the truck. Right after I said that there was a cloud of what we thought was smoke coming from the front of it and it pulled over.

It turned out that the fan had literally exploded and one of the blades came out the side. He told us that had we been next to him one would have come through the side window. She believes me now.

I have noticed that when I want to get drunk it usually happens…

Most people in the military learn to trust their instincts. If you get the feeling something isn’t right, something isn’t right. You had better respect that feeling.

You can’t control it. It’s just another data channel. A lot of intuition channel information seems to warn us of impending high stress situations, probably to help us avoid them. Future events can and do send information “back” to now. It’s a fascinating topic.

By the way,. if you are interested in information whizzing backwards through time, look up Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment, quantum eraser, and retrocausality… crazy stuff!

“Precognition” has been debated for a long time. The Rhine Institute was doing research on it and other “psy” talents before and during WWII (they may still be doing it–I haven’t checked). A lot of anomalies popped up, but nothing found was ever definitive. Perhaps it can’t be by its very nature. But, I think everyone has had some flash of it in their lives from time to time. Just because we can’t explain a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Something like 85% or 90% of our brain has “no known function.” Almost anything could be happening in there, and we might have no direct perception of it except in very rare instances.

that is readily apparent on this site…


About the funniest thing I’ve read here. Sad, but funny.


SPG, Would you be willing suggest how a neophyte might begin to develop in this area? Not intuition specifically but the larger subject of the understanding and exploring of things beyond what is perceptible to the five senses.
Maybe start a thread in the Off Topic area?

First you have to change your controlling self-image. This is the way you see yourself. Just spend a few minutes a day getting to know the new “intuitive” you. Just imagine how it would change your life.

A few times a day, mentally intend to get more intuitive. Just form a clear picture of what you want and, well, intend it to happen.

Finally, mentally reward yourself when you do get an intuition type “impression” and don’t be afraid to go with it. Just take a minute to appreciate your intuition and know that it will get stronger and happen more often. Know that you can trust your instincts.

That’s really all I can suggest.

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In the beginning I didn’t understand muting chat etc at the tables. I used a Kleenex box to cover the Chat area… Now I might bring it back and cover One or both cards and use Goosebumps as an indicator.

Did try Several Hands of Blind and Half Blind Hold em… Not much to report yet.

This came up in another thread. I think it’s an interesting topic, so wanted to add a few more thoughts.

When we have a thought, electrical signals are sent along neural pathways, where they eventually hit receptors that release chemical “messengers.” Any electrical charge moving through a conductor of any kind produces a magnetic field. These magnetic fields radiate out from your body, and can be detected. This is how an electroencephalogram (EEG) is able to monitor brain activity, for example.

The triune brain model suggests that we have 3 distinct sections of our brains, and that these are holdovers from earlier evolutionary stages. For example, the reptilian complex, based in the basal ganglia, is the seat of our most primitive instincts, such as the “fight or flight” reflex and many of our autonomous functions such as respiration and so on.

More interesting, however, is the paleomammalian brain, often called the limbic system. This is probably the root of our “herd” instincts, and is how a pride of lions can coordinated a hunt without seeing or hearing the others in their pride. Many animals exhibit these kinds of behaviors, and probably gives rise to the “mob” behaviors often seen in human crowds and riots and so forth.

These “energies” are real, and are basically just magnetic disturbances, but they are subtle and not easily detected. They seem to be powered by emotion, or rather, emotional situations can greatly strengthen these signals. At some time in our evolution, being able to detect and act upon these signals was critical to our survival.

We have not lost this ability, though few use it these days. One could say that the most recent evolutionary addition, the neomammalian complex. is so “loud” that it tends to drown out the information obtained by the limbic system. It’s no coincidence that seekers around the world, throughout all of recorded history, have created meditation techniques that silence this logical brain in order to gain access to our “inner voices.”

So yes, your thoughts do take physical form and they do, in fact, leave your body. The more emotional attachment you have, the stronger the signals you radiate. And yes, it is possible to train your mind to “hear” these signals because it works the other way too… a magnetic field passing by a conductor induces an electrical charge. Basically, the magnetic fields produced by your brain can move electrical charges in my brain, and your thoughts can become MY thoughts.